Secure a dedicated block of resource and see continual improvement


Setting up a retainer with Code Enigma is a cost-effective way to create capacity and get the resource you need.

You’ll save time and money on recruiting. You’ll see the progress you need, or unblock your internal resource to achieve your business goals.

You’ll have a regular monthly slot with an expert member (or members) of our team. Plan this alongside your technical roadmap so you’re secure in the knowledge you have the capacity. Choose from any one of our services, and get up to 10 days a month.

  • Lower costs compared to recruiting your own team
  • A focussed timebox of work to match to your current priorities
  • Flexibility - we can set up a retainer for every service we offer (Development, Infra/Server management, design/UX)

How does a retainer differ from Monthly Support?

This differs from our Monthly Support in that this is a block of planned time. Less reactive.

Our Project Management team will coordinate with you and whichever team you’ve signed up with (designers, developers or Sys Admins).

They’ll make sure you’ll get the most of your time by planning your retainer days as a “mini-sprint”.

Depending on how many days you have on your retainer, they’ll scrum with you as well to get continuous feedback and keep us in line with your priorities.

Get in touch today and tell us more about what you need