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Code Enigma’s unique hosting service allows you to offer professional standalone Linux hosting, even when you can't manage it in house.

Enjoy the power of an automated platform like WordPress, running on your infrastructure, fully managed by us.

Who has control?

Flexibility is paramount. You choose your Git provider (GitHub, Bitbucket, your own Git server, or a Gitlab instance managed by us). We can set you up with a dedicated AWS account, or if you have servers, we can manage those for you.

Tell us what you need, we'll make it happen.

How does it work?

We manage Linux servers for people using a configuration management system called Puppet. We handle everything from security to backups. We provide SaaS-style deployment of WordPress websites, using Jenkins CI, so all you need to do is commit code to your local Git repository and `git push`.

Check out our video. These are all the manual steps you would usually go through as a WordPress developer, but captured in one single Python script:

Getting technical

We have released our Debian package of the WP-CLI tool to the public. We’ve also written Jenkins CI deployment scripts for WordPress, so developers can push to a Git repository and go make a cup of %BEVERAGE% while Jenkins (with help from Fabric and WP-CLI) deploys their WordPress code to their server.

All this is available via our hosting services. 


Full service DevOps

Our combination of fully managed Jenkins CI, Gitlab and LAMP-optimised Linux servers means you have all the tools you need for professional, secure WordPress development.