Cloud hosting, server and security management

Cloud management, site reliability engineering, platform as a service, developer tools, outsourced server and security management, and the freedom to choose. Our consultative approach means we tailor the solution to you. We’re ISO/IEC 27001 certified and proud of our systems and their quality assurance.

    Experts in Linux, Drupal and so much more

    We’re here to smooth the process of adopting new digital technologies that help create new, or adjust existing experiences and meet changing business and market requirements.


    Managed AWS

    We’re backed by AWS, the indisputable leader in cloud services. Our Amazon-trained systems administrators connect up the pieces, store your infrastructure in code and support your developers in building robust, end-to-end systems.


    Drupal cloud hosting

    We started life as Drupal experts, and while we now do so much more, we haven't forgotten our roots. We still provide the best Drupal hosting available, and our security chops, diagnostic abilities, DevOps tools and support services are second to none.


    Managed servers

    Whether you have a preferred infrastructure partner or run your own servers, we provide full server management, wherever you want it. Just give us secure shell access to a cleanly installed server. We provide server hardening and multi-factor authentication as standard, and (if you have a support contract) we'll automate, store and version control your server software configuration.

    Multi-cloud hosting

    Using the same infrastructure and software management tools as we do with our core AWS management product, we can manage other environments too, like Microsoft Azure. You’ll benefit from our SRE expertise, DevOps capabilities and server management experience on your account, keeping things running smoothly.


    Benefits of cloud hosting with Code Enigma:

    • Access to world-class products at a low entry cost
    • Creation of an adaptable, tailored solution with flexible support options
    • Proactive response from our 24/7 team, based across four time zones 
    • Consultative approach, matching your business need with the best technology
    • Increased security and quality of service as we’re an ISO certified business (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001)

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