Managed Server


Code Enigma commissions and configures a Linux server for your use. This product is about providing you with a professional hosting environment, managed by us, so you have somewhere to place your websites. Please also check our general hosting terms of service.

What is covered by a Managed Server contract?

    • Nightly off-site back-ups of your server to Rackspace cloud files
    • Nightly local MySQL back-ups of your database for quick data restore
    • Realtime monitoring via Nagios of all Linux services
    • Historical monitoring via Munin of all Linux services
    • Firewalls, entry points and access protocols
    • Unlimited Code Enigma user accounts for your server
    • Linux updates (including security and kernel updates)
    • Security patching, if required
    • Puppet-managed configuration
    • Access to our secure ticketing system to raise tickets with us
    • Basic SLA, 99.9% uptime of server software installed and managed by Code Enigma is guaranteed, you may request pro-rated service credit
    • Optional: if you purchase a private cloud server from us then 100% uptime of hardware and network is also guaranteed

    What is NOT covered by a Managed Server contract?

    This is not a support contract, we manage your server at a basic level, keep it secure and online, and that is the extent of our involvement. If you are having problems managing your Drupal application or need help running your server then this is not the product for you. We provide additional Developer Support contracts that allow us to support your technical staff more thoroughly. There is also no SLA with a Managed Server, implied or otherwise. SLA-backed servers are available but are significantly more expensive.

    • Full SLA
    • No guaranteed response time to issues with the server and associated software
    • No direct support, if you need our assistance for anything other than items explicitly covered by the Managed Server above then you will be invoiced at £100/hour + VAT
    • No guaranteed response time on tickets raised
    • No on-demand back-up restores (our back-ups are for server disaster recovery only, we expect clients to take appropriate steps to ensure their applications are suitably managed)

    Support Boundaries

    Code Enigma, provides technical support to our subscribers via our Support Ticket system. The following are our guidelines when providing support: Code Enigma provides support related to your Code Enigma virtual server physically functioning and the core Linux services. Code Enigma does not offer technical support for application specific issues such as application configuration, web or mail server configuration, websites installed on the server, or any other such issue. Code Enigma does not provide technical support to your customers.

    Code Enigma reserve the right to alter these terms at any time. Appropriate notice will be given to existing clients.