Infinite flexibility and ISO-backed configuration management

Our Managed Public Cloud combines the flexibility and scale of Rackspace's public cloud services with our specialist server management capability.

For applications that need to be able to scale quickly, the public cloud offers almost limitless resource. Rackspace operate a rock solid cloud platform with aggressive SLAs, and we provide our ISO 27001 backed server and security management on top. So if you have fault tolerant software but you need rapid and heavy scaling, our Managed Public Cloud is for you.

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Managed Public Cloud Pricing
Type Rackspace Profile vCPU vRAM (GB) Disk (GB) Monthly Cost
Tiny General 1 2 20 £120
Small General 2 2 40 £150
Medium General 4 4 80 £190
Large General 8 8 160 £330
Extra Large I/O 4 16 190 £530

Pricing is exclusive of VAT. These prices include our Standard SLA.

Shared NAS

Our EMC Isilon shares, starting at 350GB, are cost effective (£0.50 per GB per month), highly available, fast, secure and can be mounted across multiple machines for shared file structures.

Expandable Storage

Our private cloud virtual disks are backed by a Storage Area Network (SAN) and we use Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) so your disks are expandable. So need more disk? No problem.


Enterprise site connection requirements? Let us know, we provide a range of site-to-site VPN options, or we can arrange for a direct connection to your premises via a dedicated line.

24/7/365 Support

We operate a follow-the-sun support operation, with staff in Argentina and Australia as well as Europe for round the clock coverage. If you need 24/7/365 cover for your hardware, let us know.

sNAS Storage
Expandable SAN storage
Site-to-site networks
24/7/365 support