Fully Managed Servers for Drupal Hosting

Managed Linux Servers

Bullet-proof PHP hosting for the Enterprise. Fully-managed, totally flexible and highly secure servers from Code Enigma, backed by Rackspace and ISO 27001 certified.

Public Cloud based hosting

We team our highly tuned Linux stack for PHP with the Rackspace public cloud, which provides a range of tiers and prices to suit a range of applications. Our offer is fast, flexible, scaleable and secure. You might just need some cheap virtual machines to dev on and we can do that. Or you might need a cheap, scalable web application server layer but something a bit more specialist and a bit more scary under the hood. Thanks to the unique RackConnect® system, we can hook public virtual machines into our private network, allowing us to provision private cloud or even dedicated servers on the back end to compliment a scalable public cloud web front-end.

Private Cloud based hosting

The public cloud has one weakness: stability. The cloud is disposable by design. And it's shared freely, and while all public cloud providers do their best to shield customers from each other's activity, any honest operator will tell you that's not always possible. That's why we provisioned a VMWare private cloud. It's not suitable for all our customers and, as with all things, it's a trade-off. It is less flexible (provisioning new hardware can take a week) and it's more expensive (there's a lot more resource behind it) but it's rock-solid stable. So if what you need is 100% availability, no ifs, no buts, no "noisy neighbours" taking your site down, our Rackspace Managed Cloud is probably for you.

Code Enigma Drupal Hosting Platformed on Debian Linux
Code Enigma is a Gold partner in the Rackspace Strategic Partner Program
percona logo - Code Enigma chooses percona, the community-driven database option for its hosting stack
Fast CGI logo - Code Enigma chooses fast cgi for its hosting stack

We manage your servers

Have your own hardware already, but lack the time or experience to manage your Linux stack? We can help you with that. The same ISO 27001 certified disaster recovery, security and software stack options you find on our managed servers are available for your servers too. We routinely manage servers on behalf of our customers and our management clients include ActionAid International, 10MinutesWith.com and Epiqo. Simply install Debian 7 on a server of your choice and hand us the keys, we'll take care of everything else for you. Pricing starts from £100/month. Contact us to find out more.

Rob Safar, Acting Digital Manager, ActionAid International

Code Enigma are able to provide support for all of our website software - from the CMS right down to the server level. They're our one-stop-shop.