Managed Dedicated Hosting

We provide fully managed dedicated servers and hybrid virtual and dedicated hardware options.

Even in these days of heavy virtualisation the reality is, if you need heavy lifting or a lot of capacity, dedicated bare metal is still the most cost effective way to go. Our expert server management couples with a wide range of Enterprise hardware options we can present via our partners, Rackspace.

Not only can we offer a range of powerful bare metal servers, we can also provide load balancers (including the F5 Big-IP range), security appliances and firewalls from Cisco, Isilon and NetApp storage solutions, and more besides.

We can also do hybrid. Thanks to Rackspace's unique RackConnect system we can link virtualised hardware in the Rackspace public cloud to your dedicated infrastructure, providing the public cloud devices with interfaces on your internal subnet for a direct connection. Similarly, we can combine private cloud and dedicated hardware on the same LAN. So if you want virtualisation for some tasks, but bare metal for others, no problem.

The range is so huge, we couldn't possibly give you a pricelist, but contact us to get free advice and a quote.