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We are looking to recruit an experienced, detail focused, security, services and delivery manager for our growing support and hosting team.

About us

We are a full service web agency that specialises in creating and maintaining websites built using Open Source software, with a particular specialism in the PHP programming language and the Drupal content management system. Over the last three years we have specifically targetted our support and hosting business for investment and growth, in which we have been extremely successful. Our service has gone from strength to strength and we pride ourselves in our rigorous approach to performance and security.

We work as a distributed team with most members of staff working from home. Our core team of 15 people is based in the UK, France and Spain, though we also work with permanent contractors as far afield as Australia and Argentina. Our hosting and support clients include the the Wellcome Trust, the National STEM Centre, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the Welsh Government, ActionAid International, the Greater London Authority, Breast Cancer Care and many more besides (including some we can't talk about).

As a growth business and highly regarded employer, fully committed to the Living Wage, we offer people the chance to work with a friendly team, in a great atmosphere, but with the flexibility to balance work and life afforded by working from home.

About the job

We have an excellent team of systems administrators and support developers and they have their own individual senior managers in place, but there is a lot more to do beyond the day to day response management, and that's where you'll come in. The service delivery manager will be responsible for the smooth running of everything behind the scenes, from incident management to our new solution deliveries. We also expect whoever takes on the role to be the Information Officer of Code Enigma, owning our Information Security Management System and all that that entails, which means organising audits, chairing key meetings, testing our readiness, and so on. This will be a very busy role!

The position reports to the Director in charge of support and hosting, and you'll work directly with senior management most of the time.

About you

You will be a self-starter and you’ll often work from home (though you’ll be part of a tight “virtual” team, so you’ll talk to people every day). You'll need to have great people skills, because this is, in part at least, a client facing role, plus there are aspects of people management, and you'll need to be comfortable in meetings with auditors and suppliers too. A strong eye for detail will be important, as will a rigorous approach, both as Information Officer and in a QA and delivery scenario as well.

You'll need to be a team player, which is a howling cliché, we know, but it's more important in a scenario like an ops emergency than it is anywhere else. The ability and willingless to take the lead in an emergency will also be something we'll be looking for, not necessarily technically, but certainly when it comes to supporting the team and keeping customers informed. But also the ability to carry out effective investigations after the fact, with an understanding we have a culture of learning from problems and building a better, happier, stronger team, not finding the person who "got it wrong".

Experience of operating in ISO certified workplaces would be a big plus, an even bigger plus would be past experience of actually managing ISO standards for another digital business, particularly ISO 27001. We can provide ISO training, but learning to be an ISO 27001 certified Information Officer is a steep curve, so any head start you have will be extremely useful.

Ideally you'll have a technical background, extra bonus points for having a technnical background in Linux servers. This is not absolutely essential, but you will need to demonstrate the aptitude to be able to grasp how the platforms and products work, and explain them to others. This is far easier to do if you already understand the systems. For example, perhaps you've been a systems administrator in the past but you've moved on to delivery or quality management? That would be perfect.

Just a few more practical points - you’ll need to have a passport and be willing to travel, but don’t worry, you won’t be living out of a suitcase. (In fact, you’ll mostly work from home.) You’ll have to already be eligible to live and work in the European Union and you’ll also need to be able to speak and write good English. You don't have to be based in the UK (we already have staff in France, for example) but you do need to be in the EU, preferably in the UK, France or Spain. If you reside in a country we don't already have a presence in we would need to investigate the effort required to take you on, however it's fair to say we wouldn't let paperwork get in the way of a good candidate.

The package

  • Competitive salary (depending on experience, upwards of £30,000pa)
  • £1,000/year personal development budget
  • Largely home working
  • Generous contribution towards home broadband and energy costs
  • 25 days holiday (excluding public holidays)
  • 20 days “labs” time (time out for R&D)


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