Meet Jenkins

Drupal Developer Tools

Developers need to be free to do development, we make tools that let that happen.

All our managed servers are delivered to you with everything you'd expect, optimised to run their applications, drush installed for command line interaction with Drupal, sudo access so you can restart services, reboot the machine and so on. So let's move past the servers and talk about what else Code Enigma can do. We have a range of devops options and products that help support people working with Drupal.

Apache Solr

Total Automation

We know what it's like to have a development platform at your back. We've used all the main ones, we still do sometimes when providing support for Drupal support customers who are using hosting services other than our own. That's why we made sure that our developers had that kind of speed and power and efficiency at their fingertips when working with our Code Enigma managed hardware.

We have written a set of continuous integration scripts that set you free, use your own servers, use your own version control system, do some crazy stats software in R on the side, we don't care! We have customers on Github, customers on Bitbucket, customers at Beanstalk, customers who run their own VCS server, customers who just buy a managed Gitlab server from us (more about that to the right). It matters not, nor does it matter where your servers are (as long as we're managing them). You can benefit from our tools.

It all hinges around the Jenkins system for continuous integration and a Python-based remote scripting framework called Fabric. With those two tools, and now over 4 years of intense testing by our own development teams, as well as those of most of our key clients, we are delighted to be able to offer these tools to the outside world. If you want to know more about Code Enigma devops, call us and we'll show you some of things we do.

Hosted Services

Sure, our bread and butter is our high performance PHP stack, optimised for Drupal. But here's the thing, at heart what we do is very secure hosting, and we do it very well. Don't take our word for it, BSI Group awarded us ISO 27001:2013 certification to prove it. Consequently, we don't just host Drupal. We have servers running a whole range of products our team find useful, and your team might find useful too:

  • Redmine: the powerful, open source, Ruby-based online project management system at the heart of Code Enigma's workflows
  • Jenkins: the continuous integration server you can use to automate absolutely anything!
  • Gitlab: the comprehensive web UI for Git you can host yourself, with branch-locking abilities
  • ownCloud: roll your own Dropbox, but with better security and total control, totally managed by us
  • Solr: the powerful open source, Java-based Apache Foundation search server
  • OpenLDAP: directory and user management services, easily integrated, easily managed
  • YubiCo Validation Server: manage your own 2-factor authentication system with YubiKeys

We can provide any of the above on our managed servers, and more besides. Pricing starts from £180/month and includes our usual high security configuration, total disaster recovery backing. Contact us to find out more.

Full team devops solutions for professional development companies start from £999/month and include VCS, ticketing, development and staging environments, Apache Solr and hosted continuous integration. Contact us to find out more.