What is your Public Cloud product?

We resell and manage public cloud virtual machines from Rackspace, our hosting and infrastructure partner. Essentially, we provide all the services you need on top of a virtual machine, plus the expert Drupal knowledge in our team ensures your server is optimised for Drupal. The public cloud servers benefit from:

  • Snapshot backup
  • Off-site nightly backup
  • Real time security monitoring with OSSEC
  • Real time service monitoring with Nagios
  • Malware and anti-virus protection with rkhunter and clamav
  • Long-term service performance views with Munin
  • Regular patching
  • Rapid security patching
  • Dedicated ticketing system
  • Highly secure firewall and user management
  • Optional "zero touch" deployment tools (Jenkins)

The public cloud offers the ability to scale rapidly, servers can be created quickly and deployed in hours. They are also cheaper than our Private Cloud offering, because they are on the cheaper public infrastructure. With our management layer on top, you can have secure, robust and trouble-free public cloud hosting.

We also offer a Private Cloud solution for stronger SLA and specialist "highly available" server layouts for Drupal.

Public Cloud servers cost from £150/month, fully managed and monitored. Contact us for more information or just to talk about your project.