What is your Private Cloud?

The public cloud is made up of physical servers, divided up invisibly by the companies who operate public cloud services. Essentially, when you buy a virtual machine, or a "slice", or whatever they choose to call it, from a public cloud company you get a piece of shared resource. You don't know how much resource, nor do you know what the contention is (how many people are likely to be vying for the same resource at any given moment) - in fact, you don't know much at all of what's going on behind the scenes.

Some customers need the pricing advantages of the cloud, but with more control, more security, more stability - they want to know exactly how exposed they are to the typical risks of cloud infrastructure, and they want to know someone is looking out for them, specifically. That's where our private cloud comes in.

Code Enigma owns an array of dedicated servers, co-located and maintained by Pulsant in Milton Keynes, running VMWare virtualisation backed by a highly available SAN. This is ours. We know exactly what the contention is, we set up our own anti-affinity rules, we manage our own internal network, we ring-fence our customers, we monitor things very carefully indeed. It is like the public cloud, in so far as the dedicated servers have their resource shared and it is, of course, consequently cheaper than dedicated servers doing the same job.

But it is totally private and totally managed by us. So it is much more carefully configured, more carefully monitored and carefully scaled to make sure our customers on that private cloud have a guaranteed level of stability far higher than a public cloud provider could reasonably be expected to provide. We know exactly which customers are on which hypervisors, we know the expected load patterns, busy periods, all the knowledge that lets you run an efficient, cost-effective but stable platform. All the metrics a busy public cloud company could not be expected to manage.

Private Cloud servers cost from £120/month, fully managed and monitored. Contact us for more information or just to talk about your project.