Introducing Blackfire on Code Enigma servers

We are pleased to announce we have finished testing this powerful tool for developers and are able to make it available to all customers.

Photo of Greg Harvey
Mon, 2017-01-30 10:58By greg is a profiling tool by the people behind Symfony, SensioLabs. We had a demo of this useful performance profiling tool some months back and decided it looked really good. So between now and then we've been testing it on servers, using it a little on our own projects, "kicking the tyres" so to speak. And we like what we see, so we went the extra mile and got the package set up for management via our configuration systems, ready for general release.

It's taken a while to get around to any kind of formal announcement, but we're delighted to confirm that, as of today, Blackfire is fully available on all Code Enigma servers.

There is a free tier, so if you're a Code Enigma customer and you want to try Blackfire, just sign up on their website, get your API details and drop them in a ticket for us.

Meanwhile, I took the liberty of making a short screencast, if you want to see what you're letting yourself in for. Enjoy!