Pulsant teddies, courtesy of Paul Johnson.

Change of private cloud infrastructure provider

Auf wiedersehen Rackspace, hello Pulsant.

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Wed, 2016-10-26 12:11By greg

We first met Pulsant in 2012, when we co-sponsored the excellent DrupalCamp North West (along with a bunch of other companies, of course). There they are, look, right next to our sweet shop! We exchanged cute teddies for sugar rushes and chatted for a few days, then went on our merry way. (Pulsant teddy picture courtesy of Paul Johnson, by the way.) And that's how it stayed, until a little under 2 years later we decided, tired of the poor performance of the networks of several public cloud service providers we'd contracted with, to look into procuring a private cloud solution.

Summer 2014 we invited about half a dozen companies to put in a proposal for our private cloud business, one of which was of course Pulsant. The teddies paid off! Of those half a dozen, we whittled it down to just two suppliers we really liked the look of, Pulsant and Rackspace. On that occasion, Pulsant lost out. But it was really, really close.

Since then a lot has changed. The way we manage our hosting now is quite different than it was in 2014 and we felt the product we had at Rackspace no longer quite fitted us. So this year, when our contract came up for renewal, we decided to go back to Pulsant and ask them if they would be interested in re-pitching for our business, with new requirements.

They said they would be delighted to, and they submitted an excellent proposal. One we literally could not refuse. We don't do change for change's sake, so we asked an awful lot of very detailed technical questions, ran the decision past both our ISO 27001 committees several times, went back to Rackspace and offered them the opportunity to counter, but in spite of all that and after much consideration and debate, we decided to make the switch.

From this point forward all new private cloud services will be provisioned in Pulsant's state of the art Tier 4 Milton Keynes facility. Almost all of our existing private cloud customers have now been migrated, and in terms of service provision it is absolutely like for like. Same 100% network SLA, same highly available cabling and switching, same pairs of Cisco ASAs, and so on. Simply everything is bigger and faster now.

The only thing that remains to be done is to thank Rackspace for their service over the last 2 years, it has been a good experience, but we need to move with the times and select a provider who is in step with our current requirements in an ever-changing industry.

Here's to the future, and many happy years as Pulsant customers!