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Secure intranet hosting for research

The Francis Crick Institute needed a safe, secure and supported home for their intranet, a tool vital for helping them coordinate their life-saving medical research.

When you're coordinating complex and life-saving scientific research and pulling together a consortium of scientific institutions, a flexible means of efficiently connecting and sharing knowledge is vital. That's why the Francis Crick Institute chose Drupal for their intranet. Once built, they needed a place to host it, and of course it's also vitally important such a tool is guaranteed available and secure for the organisation when it needs it. That's why, after a short stint with another provider, they brought their Drupal hosting to Code Enigma.

Our rigorous approach to security and management means they can relax, knowing they are in good hands, their software is carefully managed, patched, and backed by an ISO 27001 certified security management framework. Backups are taken care of and tested, configuration is version controlled, and communication channels are wide open if they have any questions.

Additionally their server hardware and network is fully managed by us and backed by Amazon Web Services, with a 99.95% uptime SLA and high availability, multi zone options available.

Then there's the support element. Our "ask us anything" support allows them to focus on improving the way Drupal helps them communicate in every way, and our approach and flexibility means they can engage with our expert team as and when they need, across a range of topics, not just Drupal.

We are helping them to streamline their development workflow, platformed on Github, with additional tools, like our customisable Jenkins deployment scripts and automated testing. We are also working with them on Docker instances for feature branches, so they can view new features in a dedicated environment and even test them on live audiences within the research community.

And because we sell servers, not just slices or sites or whatever your trendy "cloud-based" provider wants to call them, if they want to add more sites to their servers at a later date there's no extra cost.