Drupal Hosting

Because at Code Enigma we don't believe that one size fits all for Drupal hosting, we offer a wide range of solutions and free consultancy to help you choose.

Need help deciding? Call or email and our experienced team will work through your options.

Managed AWS

Whether we manage an account on your behalf, or take over the whole set-up, no matter what you want to do with Amazon Web Services, we can help. Our Amazon trained sysadmins can support your developers and build robust live systems on the AWS platform.

Server Management

Have a preferred infrastructure partner or run your own servers? We provide a full server management service, wherever you want it. Just give us secure shell access to a cleanly installed server and we can take it from there.

Devops Support

Because our team has a blend of Linux systems administrators and hands on developers, we have a mix of skills ideally sorted to supporting development teams with good devops. We have a range of automated tools to streamline your software management.


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You don't have to buy our servers. Server management plans start from £100 a month, and include all the benefits of our Standard server SLA, including full security management, user management and Enterprise backup services, but on your own hardware, wherever you want it to be. Contact us and we'll tell you more about Code Enigma Server Management.

Main image: by Dennis van Zuijlekom, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

Red Hat Certified
ISO 9001:2008 certified, quality assured
ISO 27001:2013 certified, secure
Platformed on Debian Linux

We offer a full range of products, from dedicated servers to fully operational Linux platforms (PaaS), developer tools to outsourced server and security management. And you can pick and mix, create hybrid solutions, cherry pick the products your organisation requires. Plus we provide free consultancy to help you choose the right products for your Drupal projects. We take secure Drupal seriously, having a truly through-the-line ISO 27001 certified business, from network services to desktop support, which we believe is almost unique amongst Drupal-specialist hosting companies, and we vet our suppliers carefully to ensure they have the same.

Backed by AWS

Your friends say a lot about you. We are happy to be supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning we are backed by one of the market leaders in global Enterprise datacenters and services. Their global facilities include London, Ireland and Frankfurt, and absolutely best in class and state of the art, as well as ISO 27001 certified for your peace of mind. They provide Virtual Private Cloud technology, which allows us to operate all the security features of Enterprise-grade firewalls, but directly connected to their other services. We have been monitoring their services for more than five years, and we know their network uptime is hard to beat.

Quality & Security Assured

We're also independently audited by BSI Group for two separate ISO standards, ISO 9001:2008 (quality management) and ISO 27001:2013 (information security). We have kite marks and we care about them. We like to run a tight ship, we're proud of our systems and we're proud of the quality and assurance that brings to you. After all, appointing a hosting company that claims to be ISO 27001 compliant because the people it outsources its data centres to are ISO 27001 compliant is a little like letting a 12-year-old drive you home because their parents have driving licenses. And you wouldn't do that now, would you? See who trusts us.