Continuous integration is actually, technically, the process of making many code merges a day in a busy development team to avoid car-crash scenarios at the end of cycles of work.

How would this affect you? Well, you might not have a big team of developers, so you don’t need CI per se, but one of the neat things to come out of CI is build scripts. That is the automation of deploying code to a server. That saves you *hours* of time every week, because instead of sshing on to a server, fiddling around, git pulling, changing perms, checking, taking a database dump, running drush updatedb, clearing cache, realising something is wrong, panicking - you just push your code to your repository. The CI software detects the change and deploys it to the server. End of.

Anything goes wrong? Just rollback, a thirty second job. Plus you’ll have detailed information on why the build failed via your CI login.