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Depending on how you generated your keys, the answer will be different. If you have any problems with logging in having followed these instructions, then please make a note of the error message and raise a support ticket. We will normally resolve any account issues within 24 hours.


[1] Set up a Saved Session:

  • Open PuTTY from the Windows Start menu
  • In the 'Host Name' box, put in the username and hostname you were provided with for your Code Enigma account and your server (e.g.
  • In the left-hand pane, under 'Connection', click the little [+] next to 'SSH'
  • Under 'SSH' click 'Auth'
  • Click the 'Browse' button next to the 'Private key file for authentication' box and select the private key file you saved during step 2 of generating your keys
  • Navigate back to 'Session' (you may need to scroll up in the left pane) and type the name you'd like to save this session under in the 'Saved Sessions' box
  • Click the 'Save' button on the right

[2] Open a Saved Session:

  • Select your saved session from the list under 'Saved Sessions' and click 'Load' (be very careful not to click 'Save' or PuTTY will overwrite your saved session with blank data and you'll have to complete step 1 again)
  • Click the 'Open' button at the bottom
  • PuTTY will open a Terminal window and log you in

Git Bash

This is a more simple system. If you followed the Git Bash instructions for creating a key pair, then all you need to do is open msysGit (there should be an icon on your desktop for that, if you followed our instructions) and enter this command, substituting the actual username and hostname you were provided with for your Code Enigma account and your server :


You should simply be logged in. 


Note, if you used the Git Bash method to generate your keys, you may still use Bitvise - simply open the 'User keypair manager' on the main screen, hit the 'Import' button and browse to the .ssh folder in your home directory in Windows. The id_rsa file there is your private key.

[1] Set up a Saved Profile:

This step assumes you already used Bitvise to generate your keys, so your keypair is already present in the 'User keypair manager'.

  • Open the Bitvise SSH Client from the Windows Start menu
  • In the 'Host' box, put in the hostname you were provided with for your server (e.g.
  • In the 'Username' box put the username you were provided with for your Code Enigma account
  • Set 'Initial method' to 'publickey - slot X' where X is the number of the slot the key you want to use is in (usually slot 1)
  • Click 'Save profile as' on the left hand side and save your settings in a convenient location

[2] Open a Saved Profile:

  • Click on 'Load profile' and select your file (or simply double-click it from Windows Explorer)
  • Click the 'Login' button at the bottom of the application
  • Bitvise will automatically open both a file browser and a Linux terminal