weather simulation using data processed by the super computers at ECMWF

Advising experts

The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting uses Code Enigma to advise on all aspects of Drupal implementation

Although ECMWF has a highly capable internal Drupal team, it regularly turns to Code Enigma to advise on particular aspects of Drupal and integration with other systems. Over the last three years we have advised on Drupal architecture, project management, integrations, and software selection. As one of the World's top ten users of Kray super computers, ECMWF has no shortage of programming expertise. They are, after all, one of the primary data providers for virtually every weather forecasting service in Europe. However, using an external web agency brings a critical perspective that can identity critical issues and speed up decision making.

In addition to pure consultancy, we have periodically provided Drupal training and developer support. This model of supplementing an internal team is quite common for us, as we are working with clients where Drupal is such an important part of the client's operation that it needs to have internal expertise. On the other hand, it can be hard for a small internal team to cover all the bases; having Code Enigma as a consultancy partner gives them the best of both Worlds.