Workshop with lots of posit notes


Good web design is much more than just graphic layout.

Good design requires understanding the objectives of a site in meeting user needs as well as business objectives.

We start all our projects with a collaborative design process where we work closely with you to understand your business and the objectives of your users and how they can be met with web technologies.

We then capture this knowledge into implementation plans, wireframes and prototypes that can be developed by our team or any other professional development team.

What made Code Enigma stand out was your readiness to challenge what we initially asked for.


Workshop with lots of posit notesMatt leading a customer journey mapping workshop


For complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, a workshop is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of eliciting requirements.

Our requirements workshops are carefully planned and managed to derive the expected benefits.

User flow diagramGrey box wireframe for MyScience

Information Architecture and Wireframing

The goal of effective information architecture is to make the products, services and information on your website easy to find. The main goal of site navigation is to enable task completion.

Prototyping and device testing

Responsive HTML prototyping

We understand design is not about technology but about providing a good user experience. Therefore we prototype sites outside Drupal first so that we can test out user experience and check the site works on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Matt & James presenting at Front End United

Front end development and Drupal

Matt and James talk about prototyping and taking control of Drupal's markup at Frontend United