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Content Strategy Services

Regardless of your level of adoption of content strategy, we have shaped our services to help you where you need it.

Content strategy affects many different areas in an organisation. Some clients are convinced the time is right to implement content strategy organisation wide, while others prefer to start implementing the principles task by task.


Content Strategy Workshops & Consultancy

Organisations have seen the demand for content increase over the past decade. This content wasn’t always of good quality, nor consistent. Organisations notice these inconsistencies are starting to hurt them. (For more information, read our blog post on why organisations should invest in content strategy.)

Content strategy is still a relative young discipline. People have been discussing if it falls under marketing, PR, business management, business intelligence, etc. The discussion on its own is a bit pointless, but fact is that content strategy has implications in many different fields. And independent of the question if it should be a discipline of its own, organisations can realise substantial benefits if people, across departments, are familiar with its basic principles. While specific tasks on content strategy can easily be outsourced, your organisation will only really benefit from a strategic content approach if the key stakeholders embrace its principles.

Available workshops & Skillbuilding:

Content strategy, where to start? 

This workshop is aimed at organisations ready to introduce content strategy in their organisation, and would like to hit the ground running. Our workshop will answer the questions:

  • What is Content Strategy?
  • What are my organisation content goals?
  • How can I regain Control over my content
  • Which pieces of the puzzle are already in place?
  • How can we establish a common content strategy practice in my organization
  • How do I measure the impact of my content strategy.

Planning your next digital project

This workshop is ideal if your organisation is in the early planning phases of its next digital web project. As a result of this two day workshop, our clients will have:

  • established a project vision & objectives
  • identified content requirements
  • defined measures for success
  • gathered and prioritised the key requirements list 

Lift your website to the next gear

Unlike the above sessions, in this case we will focus on existing websites and see how we can make them more effective. There is no fixed agenda for this session. Instead we have a number of areas of interest from which we can compile the best custom workshop. These areas include:

  • Is my content still relevant?
  • Learn how to assess the quality of your own content.
  • How the shape and prioritise my project roadmap
  • Introducing content modeling & structured content
  • Making my information architecture & taxonomies up to date.

Become a leading product owner

Are you expected to lead the next web project of your organisation? Are you familiar with how to handle this? We help you to go the extra mile. 

  • Choosing an adequate project management framework
  • Where to start a web project?
  • How to handle requirements gathering & prioritisation
  • How to prevent a project from stalling
  • Building a website: finding the balance between Technology, Content, marketing, development.
  • Testing in a web project
  • Getting ready for launch

Measuring the success of my site

Are you monitoring the performance of your website? How successful are you at generating site conversions? The below sessions can help you implement a realistic system for monitoring your site’s success

  • Translating your site objectives in KPI’s
  • Getting the most out of Google Analytics
Post Its used during content strategy workshop and requirements gathering exercises

On Site Consultancy

Optimizing your content workflow

This on site consultancy is designed to analyse and optimise content management workflows. Aligning stakeholders in a web project is one of the hardest challenges. This consultancy helps you identify the workflow that will empower all to feel engaged with the project. 

This is achieved by:

  • - Conducting interviews with key stakeholders
  • - Analysing the types of content produced
  • - Auditing the content production workflow
  • - Gap analysis of the editorial workflow

Findings and advice for improvements is delivered in a report. 


Content Audit & Review

When implementing a new or refocused content strategy, you need to know your starting point. Organisations are often surprised to see the volumes of content they have generated in the last months/years. A content Audit assesses which content requirements are fulfilled and which require content to be created or reworked

Content & Site Usage Analysis

While Google Analytics has made usage analysis widely available to a broad public, its data overflow makes it hard at times to convert its metrics in insights. The tool presents over twenty different metrics, which can be combined by six types of dimensions. Add date ranges and a long list of customisable data segments, and you get an almost infinite number of data. 

Therefore, we sit down with our clients, and listen to what they are trying to achieve with their site. Next we identify the matching metrics to be analysed. Also, we look into possible challenges the client is facing. 

With that knowledge, we go and analyse the user data. We separate the wheat from the chaff and extract only the relevant data. We look for weak points in user journeys or failing conversions. (Learn more on site conversions here.)

Finally, our findings and proposed solutions are reported back to the client, who can then decide which improvements to implement. The monitoring loop then continues as we measure the effectiveness of these improvements in order to adjust further, roll back, or move on to the next challenge. 

Code Enigma’s model of mentoring our clients is also applied in this field. We will, for example, help our customers to set up their own Google Analytics dashboards, so they can take over this monitoring for themselves, if they prefer. Our approach is based on enabling our clients to become as autonomous as they want, rather than locking them into long term dependencies.

usage and user analysis graph

User Data helps you understand your audience better as well as measure the impact of your content strategy

Site Optimisation Analysis & Reporting

Today, it’s widely accepted that in order to be successful on the web, quality content is key. Nevertheless, publishing quality content isn’t a guarantee for strong search engine rankings. 

Clients of our site optimisation service receive a report in which we focus on all “on-site” factors that Google and other search providers use, in order to establish your ranking.

Initially, we work closely with our clients to grasp the context of their site and understand the challenges they are facing. With the lessons learned, we move on to a keyword analysis, in order to establish the keywords for which we should optimise the site.

With this information, we can start the actual work on the site. We will analyse of the site is optimised in a number of areas affecting your search engine rankings: content; metadata; taxonomies and keywords; page URLs; links; technology and security.

For each area, we identify possible improvements and assess their cost and expected impact. Clients are free to decide whether to implement these improvements themselves, or let us take this hurdle on their behalf.

Site Optimization Checklist

Do you know what the weak points are of your site in terms of SEO, accessibility, page load speed, etc?

Do you want to learn more about Content Strategy?

We have created a Content Strategy Resource Page just for you. Here you will find our Content Strategy related blog posts, handy tools as well as checklists.