Database Download Script

Just thought I'd throw this one up there. It's a Linux bash shell script I wrote this morning. You know when you want to take a copy of your production database down to localhost for testing? Not rocket science, but a bit of a pain. This dramatically speeds things up.

And We're Back, You Can Be Too

So comments are back up and running. I still need to migrate all the old Node Comments to core Drupal comments, but at least it is now a properly moderated mechanism so it should get rid of the spam. The rest can happen when it happens.

IE7 And Apache File Type Gotcha

Microsoft Office .docx file extension read by Internet Explorer 7/8 as a Zip file

Firstly, thanks for Russ at Manta Ray Media for doing the Google leg-work on this one.

Apache2 On Fedora - Getting Rid Of The 403

If understanding Linux is an important part of your work and you want to know how to properly configure a RedHat-based distro like Fedora or CentOS, then carry on reading.

Apache2 on the Fedora core (in my case Fedora 10) can be a fiddly beast.

No Comment

Ouch! Finally found a moment to make a new blog post and instead spent an hour weeding through the spam in my comments - and I'm still not finished!

Getting Drupal Airborne

I have finally put pen to paper on my germinating ideas surrounding a Drupal module for publishing Drupal content and applications via Adobe AIR.

Location, Location, Location

Using the Location module and Google Maps for postal code searching in the UK

I'm just finishing the first phase of a job using the GMap and Location modules in tandem (along with Views) to create assorted location maps driven by the G

CCK Gallery Is Usable

Or at least, I think it is. My new module. I managed to release a dev snapshot last night which answers some of the bigger issues with it.

Drupal 6 Alternatives To Your Drupal 5 Favourites

What to do with those killer modules in Drupal 5 that have died in D6?

I'm in the process of updating my training materials for various Drupal courses I teach so they reflect the new Drupal landscape, post Drupal 6 launch and wide acceptance.

New Toy: Asus EEE PC 901

User review of my new Asus EEE PC 901

I've Tweeted about this too much, so Twitter followers will probably be sick of hearing about it, but the other day my new Asus EEE PC 901 with Linux pre-installed arrived. In fact, I'm typing this blog post on it right now.

Tweetbacks For Drupal

Chris Charabaruk, AKA @coldacid, is leading the charge to replicate Dan Zarella's Tweetbacks for Wordpress in Drupal.

Update Bug To Watch

(This may well apply to Drupal 5.x as well, but I have not tested it so for now this post is only tagged 6.x.)

Strict Typing And XML-RPC

No more phantom XML-RPC failures caused by variable type!

You may or may not be aware web services are very strictly typed (well, XML is, period). That means if you send a web service a string, e.g. '233', when it wants an integer, e.g. 233 (note the very subtle difference) it will break!