Panels 3 And The 960 Grid System

This post was going to be longer, but I just lost the entire completed document because the worst (and probably most expensive at $15/day, yes DAY) mobile Internet provider in the world, EVER, just dropped my connection mid-submission and for the zillionth time to

Installing 3G USB Modems On Linux

So, last night I lost not inconsiderable amounts of time and sleep to a Vodafone Italy 3G USB key. Trying to get these things set up is supposed to be fairly straightforward, however the end-to-end process is not really documented anywhere, as far as I can tell.

Drupal 7 Cheat Sheet: The Database

This is a quick post while it's fresh in my head, regarding porting your contributed modules to the Drupal 7 API. This post specifically focusses on database manipulation and provides the like-for-like changes. If anything here is wrong, or could be done better, please let me know!

Scared Of Features? Don't Be!

Features, a neat module to embed stuff in code. Keeping stuff in the database brings all sorts of ugly deployment and performance issues, so we avoid like the proverbial plague.

I'm an experienced Drupal developer. I've been embedding stuff in code for ages now. Views, Panel pages, ImageCache presets, even putting CCK content type exports in to hook_install() implementations just to try to keep stuff in code. Many of you are probably in the same boat.

Cleaning Up After Migrating To Drupal

We have just finished a migration job for a client of ours from an old .Net system in to Drupal, the last task of which was to write some Apache mod_rewrite conditions and rules to deal with the URLs of their old website.

Multilingual Drupal: Some Dos And Don'ts

So we've done all French sites before. And we've done all English sites before. But a recent project was our first real forray in to multilingual sites and it's an e-commerce/Ubercart job! Talk about gluttons for punishment!

How Drush Make Just Changed My Life

Note: Apparently it works fine with Windows too! See comments. I'm pretty excited right now. I just tried drush make for the first time. Download it here:

Wrapping Up: A Linux Script For The End Of The Day

Here's another one of my little Linux admin scripts for all you Drupal developers out there. It's a Linux shell script requiring Drush, MySQL and Subversion, but could be easily modified to work with other databases and repositories and should work fine on a Mac, I think.

OpenID, I'm Starting To Understand

OpenID has been about for a while. But only when forced to really use it, did I start to understand

Important edit: Seems it doesn't work with Google Apps accounts - apologies to Zach in the comments, you were quite right. I'm revising this post. However, it does still work as described with all Google Mail domain accounts (e.g. personal Google accounts).

Drupal Help Haiti: Day 3

Update on the Helping Drupal Help Haiti campaign

Having finally sorted out our goals (use the Project EPIC Twitter syntax to get targetted information to people who can help, using Drupal as a tool for managing and organising that data), day 3 started with an ambitious set of tickets:

Drupal Help Haiti: Day 2

Update 2 on the Helping Drupal Help Haiti campaign

So we've started the second day of this project. Our mission is starting to become clearer.

Drupal And Linux, A Deployment Script

Quick post today, no politics *whatsoever*. ;-) I just wrote another little batch script for deploying my Drupal sites from local to stage. Before I post the code, here's the workflow here in our office at CMS Professionals:

Duplicate Issues, Are They Really A Problem?

We often see people getting berrated for posting dupes, sometimes deservedly. Let me say from the get go that I do not, in any way, support the needless creation of noise in issue queues by people who are so lazy as to have made *NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER* to find a solution.

Rewriting URLs For SEO

How to avoid duplicate content by making sure that any requests to no sub domain get permanently redirected to the correct sub domain

Quick non-Drupal, but very useful, post here. There are lots of people talking about things like this on the 'net, but I've never found my specific requirements in one place. So here they are, in one place. I'm sure other UK web developers will need them!

Drupal Services And The Dreaded Clock

Quick post this evening, because I'm stopping for the day. Just a troubleshooting tip for web services. We use the excellent Drupal Services module quite a lot for integration work. Take a look, if you don't know it:

Missing Anonymous User

I've spent the last few days wrestling with an evil bug. I had a content type, called Card, which I could create fine when logged in as any authenticated user of any role. All cool. I should also be able to create this content as anonymous.