Meaningful commit messages

At Code Enigma, most of our Jenkins builds post a git log into one of our IRC channels on completion. This helps the ops team to keep an eye on what's going on and to quickly spot any build failures. It also gives us a chance to see the commit messages that people are posting.

Our own developers are pretty well behaved when it comes to making meaningful commit messages (they know they’ll be teased mercilessly if they do anything daft!), but for some hosting-only clients, we have seen some classic examples of meaningless commit messages.

Rethinking the company website

We'd been thinking for ages that we needed to completely change our company website. The whole team felt we had a site that failed to represent either what we do or who we are. After some false starts when we tried to do this in-house we decided to get help from an external design agency and turned to Andy Clarke at Stuff And Nonsense. In addition to a radical design overhaul, we also wanted to rethink how to author content within a content management system so that we would actually want to create new articles rather than thinking of it as a chore. In this article we explain the process from various perspectives: design, content-strategy, back-end and front-end development.

When we decided to update our company website, we wanted a site that shows our customers what we can do. With the help of Andy Clarke and the team at Stuff and Nonsense, we truly believe we've managed it.

Git Hooks for happy Drupal developers - (post-merge)

A practical use of the post-merge git hook for distributed teams.

Granted, you don't need to be trendiest person in software to know about tools like Grunt, or Gulp (but in case you don't, they're really useful task automation tools to aid with common development tasks).

Twitter Pane

Almost certainly, a time will come when a client asks for a list of Tweets to be displayed on their Drupal site.

There are a plethora of modules out there that can help provide this functionality. For example:

Poodle and you

Code Enigma's take on the Poodle vulnerability in SSL.

So the anticipated Poodle vulnerability broke today. But what's it all about?

Drupal Europe, wake up!

So, I’m not going to pretend this blog post was not written with the idea of provoking a bit of a discussion. It was. As a Content Strategy specialist working for a full service Drupal agency, I was more than disappointed to see the disconnect between the European Drupal Community and Content Strategy at DrupalCon 2014.

I’m just back from my first DrupalCon in Amsterdam. Two years working in the Drupal world, and after a couple of DrupalCamps, I finally made it to the big event. On the whole, a great experience. But to be honest, there was one thing that … (looking for the right words) … irritated me deeply.

Why Should you invest in Content Strategy?

Content is used in a number of fields within an organisation. Sales, Marketing, PR, Customer Service, Accounting, Legal... Each of these will use content to its own needs. An overall Content Strategy can help all these stakeholders to work along each other, rather than against each other. But there are plenty of other reasons to invest in it.

In the 4 years of Code Enigma’s existence, clients have traditionally turned to us for our technical expertise in designing, building, developing, hosting and maintaining Drupal websites. 

Proud sponsors of DrupalCon Amsterdam

A huge thank you (as ever) to the fantastic local and Drupal Association teams who have made this year’s DrupalCon Europe another roaring success.

A huge thank you (as ever) to the fantastic local and Drupal Association teams who have made this year’s DrupalCon Europe another roaring success. The whole Code Enigma team had a great time.

The Conference Survival Guide (Practical Edition)

Conferences can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to meeting lots of people! What you need is the Conference Survival Guide (Practical Edition).

I am pretty sure there's a tech conference happening every week these days: I had a great time at Symfony Live London last week, most of the Code Enigma team are at Drupalcon Amsterdam this week and I

Better UX in your forms, the easy way

Entity References are cool. Prepopulating them is even cooler. You've seen it already, but if you are not working with Field API, you're on your own... until now, at least.

If you've ever used Organic Groups, chances are that you have come across the Entity Reference Prepopulate module.

Webvisions Barcelona 2014

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week. Here's my take on the first day, dedicated to workshops.

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week.

Drupal 6 Performance Testing

Drupal performance testing: A scenario where memcache can actually impair performance

We were recently asked to investigate poor performance on a Drupal 6 site. Memcache was enabled, but a siege test was still showing poor results.

Using mdbtools on *nix to convert Microsoft Access to MySQL

One recent migration was from an unsupported application built upon SQL Server 2000. Policy meant that I couldn't even try connecting to it directly. I was given a flat file export, but found I couldn't install an old enough version of SQL Server to import it. mdbtools to the rescue!

One of the hardest parts of any migration to Drupal is getting hold of the data in the first place. And once you do get hold of it, there’s every chance that it might not be a format that’s easy for you to work with.

A responsive site should not be your 2014 main goal!

Don't fool yourself, making your site responsive is not a content strategy

Over the last twelve months, we’ve routinely received client requests asking how much it would cost to make their existing Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site responsive. These projects mostly consist of optimizing an existing site for users accessing the content through tablet or smartphone.

PaaS and Support: The best of both worlds

Code Enigma senior developer, James Panton, caught up with Aaron Porter from #AberdeenCloud at Drupal Dev Days 2014 in Szeged, to talk about life, the cloud and everything

Original image by Tamás Szügyi

The IDE Of Dreams

Our technical director explains why Code Enigma is making the switch to Dreamweaver and what that means for our workflow

Developers are always arguing over which IDE is the best. Is it Sublime Text 2, Netbeans, PHP Storm, Vim, Eclipse - no, everyone hates Eclipse, except for me, it seems - but you know what I mean. Well, at Code Enigma we're sick of IDE autocracy and the religious wars of words that come with it.

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part II - The Mitigations

As promised, here’s a follow up to my previous blog on problems we’ve encountered using Agile-scrum methods when working as a distributed agency delivering client projects. In this instalment I’ll take a look at some of the modifications we’ve made to standard Scrum, to address those problems.

Audit for Agile

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part I - The Problems

Having run an Agile-Scrum project management method for almost 3 years, Steve Cowie reflects on the challenges of pure agile project management as an agency and the difficulties of engaging with clients for whom it simply is not a good fit

Last month I delivered a talk on this subject at a Drupal Camp and that’s available online and embedded at the bottom of this post, as are the slides from the talk.

Open Source v Proprietary CMS systems

Yesterday we came across a helpful infographic on choosing between Open Source and commercial content management systems. In the spirit of Open Source collaboration we thought we'd return the favour.

The team at Non-linear creations put together an infographic comparing open source to "commercial" solutions.

Vim - I Wish I Knew How To :q You

Chris Maiden extolling the virtues of vim for the good people of DrupalCamp North West 2013

Code Enigma sponsored and talked at DrupalCamp North West again this year. Here is the talk everyone was waiting for! You can throw away all your other SDKs, vim now makes total sense: