drupal_execute Gotcha In Drupal 6.x

Many of you are probably familiar with drupal_execute(). However, those familiar with it from Drupal 5.x days will have to watch a new feature in Drupal 6.x.

Drupal Strikes Again

Not-for-profit venture Mums+ is now live

Finally the Beta of Mums+, the community site for parents, is live. I finished off the spit and polish today. Some way to spend a public holiday!

SOA And Drupal - The Services Module

So, you want to create an SOA-based infrastructure for some or all of your business tools and web sites? Not sure where to start?

So, you want to create an SOA-based infrastructure for some or all of your business tools and web sites? Not sure where to start?

Movers And Shakers

What Are Internet Entrepreneurs Talking About?

Olly Mardling, the founder of one of my clients - [new window] - sent over an interesting blog post today.

Drupal Awards

I watched with interest the small crop of awards Drupal has been nominated for so far this year. There's no question Drupal, as a piece of software, is taking off at an incredible rate.

Multi-Site In Drupal 6.x

So, you want to have many websites with many different content sets but a shared set of users, roles and sessions? Not a problem. There are many ways to skin the Drupal multi-site cat.

Stop Searching

There are times when you don't want people to search for specific content types. For example, you may not want to be obliged to theme a content type which is not supposed to be visible anyway, just in case it surfaces in a search.

Views Dependencies

I found an interesting "gotcha" the other day. I created a View with the Views module, exported it to code and was in the process of trying to make it appear on my website. Something it was resolutely refusing to do. I couldn't understand it. Clearly there was the View in my code.

Final Version of Views for 5.x Has Taxonomy Issues

The other day I decided to use the "Terms in XXXXX" taxonomy filter type in Views 5.x-1.6 and I noticed a little bit of a problem. In my list of taxonomy terms, the first/lightest term was missing so I couldn't select it.

Flexiforum Released

I have created a project page on for Ben's module, Flexiforum:

Duplicate Keys: Repairing The Sequences Table

So normal service resumes. Well, just about, at any rate. Just a quick entry today about the 'sequences' table in the Drupal database. If you've ever seen this sort of error and not known what to do, then you'll find this post extremely useful:

Form Redirection: A Special Case

Most of you are probably familiar with using the Form API (either via hook_form_alter or when building your own form) to set the destination a user is sent to after submitting a form.

CVS Saviour

If you want to contribute to the Drupal project, you need to know how to use CVS. It's a version control system, like Subversion, but older and clunkier. Still, Drupal have been using it for *years* so I can hardly blame them for not switching.

Meaningless mysqli Errors

I was installing a fresh copy of Drupal on Ubuntu this morning when I hit upon a problem. Half way through the installation script, Drupal kept throwing this at me: PHP Warning: mysqli_error() [function.mysqli-error]: invalid object or resource mysqli

Learning Linux

Learning Linux: Let's be honest, Linux is a bit of a faff. It's great once you've gotten your head around it, but getting there is a slow and painful journey

Let's be honest, Linux is a bit of a faff.


My silence is down almost entirely to the sheer amount of work I'm doing at the moment. Which is a good thing about which I mustn't grumble!

Hurry, while stocks last

Tesco are selling an Acer Aspire 4315, online at Tesco Direct, for £269. That's a brand new laptop for £269. With a gigabyte of RAM, a DVD-RW, 80GB HDD, built in wi-fi, all the usual fluff, basically. But, in case you didn't get it, it's only £269!!!