Triggers And Uninstalling Modules

Note, Actions and Triggers are core in Drupal 6.x so this only applies to Drupal 5.x if you are using the Actions module as a 5.x contributed module:

Using The module_exists Function Effectively

In our team I'm as guilty of this as anyone, but we're occasionally caught out by the creation an un-managed and un-documented dependency on a module, perhaps in a theme's template.php file or even in a module where someone forgot to list the dependency in the .info file or meant to remove the fu

Nasty Apache 2 vhosts Gotcha

How to solve problems with Apache 2 vhosts?

This is worth a blog post, as it took us a while to get to the root of the problem. We had a fresh installation of RedHat (RHEL 5, to be precise) which comes with Apache 2. I'm used to having a vhosts include for httpd.conf that looks something like this:

Theming In Drupal 6

Don't get me wrong, the documentation relating to theming for module developers in Drupal 6.x is all there and complete. The trouble is, it's spread over several different places. The purpose of this blog entry is to do a step-by-step guide to theming something in a module for Drupal 6.

A Note On Updating

These days, now the Update Status module is core in Drupal 6, people find themselves updating their core, modules and themes far more regularly than before. This is, of course, a very good thing.

Bootstrap And Your Module

I had an interesting gotcha this afternoon. With Drupal 6.x came a new hook, hook_boot(). It supercedes the !$may_cache behaviour in Drupal 5.x by providing a hook that any code which *must* run on all pages, cached or otherwise, can be placed in.

Finally Upgraded

I've finally updated this site to Drupal 6.6. It's using a new theme, because my old one isn't ready yet. I may port it myself, as my girlfriend says she liked the green, but for now it's grey and claret. Hope you like the new colours!

403 And HTML Filters

Here's a really nasty little gotcha! You have a load of content, all of the same type. You give a role permissions to edit any nodes of this content type, but it gets all weird. Some of the content they *can* edit. Some they cannot. Node access!?! No. Much simpler than that.

SVN Checksum Mismatch

What's worse than having a problem with your version control software?

There is nothing worse than having a problem with your version control software. Normally you can just nuke your checked out code and re-check it out, but sometimes (like in my case right now) that's not an option because you have loads of site-specific settings and folders in place.

Drupal Gains Another Scalp

Just a quick one to report the famous SourceForge has become a Drupal website, as reported by Dries in his blog. The list of high profile Drupal sites grows and grows. That's all for now.

Expensive Drupal

Greg Harvey examines why Drupal is sometimes perceived as an expensive system.

I am in the process of setting up my own Drupal-based development business. I get a lot of contact through my website, LinkedIn, and many other places - more than I can actually field. Which is wonderful, but saying "no" all the time feels like a huge missed opportunity.

Path To Theme In A Module

I'm currently working on a multi-site Drupal installation. There is one theming module shared by all instances which exposes some key blocks and views they all require. During development, this was built on the initial site, so occasionally you will find something like this in the module:

Contributing Hurts

Well, I'm in the throes of trying to contribute to core for the first time, and I have to say, it's a painful experience. Your concepts and code are suddenly thrown open to pretty fierce scrutiny by the community at large.

The Joys Of Preprocessing

Having fun with preprocess functions in Drupal 6

I've been having a lot of fun with preprocess functions in Drupal 6.x, particularly when theming Views. It's a great system, but my colleague came across a nice "gotcha" this morning.

Theming Views In Drupal 6.x

Practical tips for theming views in Drupal 6

Who remembers good ol' Views 1.x in Drupal 5.x? Lovely, wasn't it? With that theming wizard.

Baby, Don't You Loose Your Type On Me

Many programmers from beyond the realm of PHP, deep in the black country where the dragons reside, whinge like an Australian swim-coach about PHP's loose variable typing.

Theme Stops Play

And I was sooo close! I actually decided to upgrade to Drupal 6.4 this evening. All the modules I use are ready, everything works, so I was all set to take the plunge.