New Toy: Asus EEE PC 901

User review of my new Asus EEE PC 901

I've Tweeted about this too much, so Twitter followers will probably be sick of hearing about it, but the other day my new Asus EEE PC 901 with Linux pre-installed arrived. In fact, I'm typing this blog post on it right now.

Movers And Shakers

What Are Internet Entrepreneurs Talking About?

Olly Mardling, the founder of one of my clients - [new window] - sent over an interesting blog post today.

Learning Linux

Learning Linux: Let's be honest, Linux is a bit of a faff. It's great once you've gotten your head around it, but getting there is a slow and painful journey

Let's be honest, Linux is a bit of a faff.

Hurry, while stocks last

Tesco are selling an Acer Aspire 4315, online at Tesco Direct, for £269. That's a brand new laptop for £269. With a gigabyte of RAM, a DVD-RW, 80GB HDD, built in wi-fi, all the usual fluff, basically. But, in case you didn't get it, it's only £269!!!