Drupal community, marks for effort...

Alasdair writes about how great it is to be working in the Drupal community

A couple of months ago, after a particularly furious week of trying to contribute something useful to Drupal core, I woke up one morning to a see a lot of activity on my twitter account (Pretty much unheard of for me).  I had received this tweet from

People, People, People...

Running a distributed team throws up certain HR challenges. This post goes into more detail about those and how we resolve them.

Here’s the thing with a distributed team – even though you don’t have people working in an office, you are still responsible for their wellbeing while they work for you.

Still doubting the reliability of Open Source solutions?

If you're working for an organisation which traditionally uses proprietary software instead of open source based solutions, they might be doing that for the wrong reasons.

Organisations who have traditionally worked with well established software providers like Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, etc apparently still feel uncomfortable purchasing an open source based solution.

An Introduction to Test Driven Development

In this, the first in a series of blog posts, Chris introduces the software development process known as Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development has certainly stood the test of time, the process has been around for decades with NASA's Project Mercury perhaps being the earliest recorded use of TDD/test first techniques in software development.

The power of communities

I recently passed the 5 year mark on It got me thinking about all the different communities that helped me along the way.

Back at the start of 2008, I was in a major rut. I was stuck in a job that I didn't much care for, and had been for almost 13 years.

Welding a Morris Minor - how much does that cost?

Whether you're dealing with auto repairs or website construction, pricing is never easy. Whichever business you're in, the key to a successful outcome both for client and supplier is to be transparent and honest about what's possible for a given price.

In another lifetime, I didn’t build websites, since they didn’t actually exist. Instead I fixed cars and spent a lot of time welding them up to get through the MOT test (UK road safety test).

Keeping Connected

How Code Enigma uses the Internet to manage a distributed team.

In our previous post in this distributed working series we introduced some of the commercial reasons why we have a distributed model here at Code Enigma.

Spread About

The pros and cons of running a distributed team.

Over a series of blog posts we’d like to explain how we go about running a distributed company, why we chose this model, what we found works, what didn’t, and how it is really possible to be a global business of home workers.

Keep your company young

Even though your company can't be a start-up for ever, you can hang on to the start-up energy by hiring and backing young staff.

I was talking with one of our senior developers a couple of days ago and reflecting on the amazing progress being made by our junior developers.

Performance Of Panels

An actual performance test, like-for-like, of Panels versus Block

Panels has been around for a long time now. It gets mixed reviews. It's a bit like the Marmite of Drupal - you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I'm a fan, for a number of reasons that warrant blog posts of their own.

Cracking The Code In France

We make a fascinating discovery about our France-based Director and Bletchley Park links

In something of a bizarre and fascinating twist of fate, it so happens that I live next to (and used to live in) the little French town of Uzès, in the middle of the French garrigues, surrounded by wild hills, even wilder pigs and grape vines.

First Contrib Hour Of 2012

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our friends on the Gregorian calendar like us. We're guessing that's most of you, but perhaps not all.

When To Use Drupal

Just because we've chosen to specialise in the Drupal CMS as our main tool - that doesn't mean we recommend hitting every nail with it.

I'd like to start by quoting Jeff Goldblum's character from the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, Dr. Ian Malcolm, when he says to Richard Attenborough's park owner character, John Hammond:

More for your money

As technology advances, what you can get for your money takes great leaps forward.

I've just been tidying up the website for one of my previous employers and it got me thinking about how the price of stuff has changed in the last fifteen years.

Updating From Fedora 12 To Fedora 13

Step by step guide on how I went about updating Fedora 12 to 13

Fedora 12 "end of life" just came around, so I decided to update to Fedora 13 while things were quiet over Christmas. Fedora ships with a preupgrade app which manages the update process, so in theory this should do it: su -c "preupgrade"

Installing 3G USB Modems On Linux

So, last night I lost not inconsiderable amounts of time and sleep to a Vodafone Italy 3G USB key. Trying to get these things set up is supposed to be fairly straightforward, however the end-to-end process is not really documented anywhere, as far as I can tell.