Developer experience beats all

In this final part of the series of blogs about our hosting services versus PaaS systems, we look at DX and why you don't need "the cloud" to have great developer tools.

So I said in my first post in this series that the developer probably isn't the most important stakeholder when you're selecting your hosting.

Ensuring data security

In the 4th instalment of this series about our hosting versus PaaS competitors, we look at securing your data.

Before we go into this, I'd like to explain this mostly isn't a "public cloud versus private cloud" thing, like some of the other posts in this series have been. Rather, this is looking at the companies operating the platforms you have to trust.

Service Resilience and public vs private cloud

In the third part in the series of posts about why managed private cloud represents a better deal than public cloud services, this time looking at resilience.

Most public cloud services are not Highly Available by nature. They are designed with “cattle” in mind - that is to say, disposable units that are quickly and easily replaceable. Public cloud providers are clear on this.

PaaS versus managed servers - quality of resource

The second instalment of traditional managed servers versus platforms in the public cloud, focusing on quality and amount of dedicated resource.

Last time I explored the cost per site of some of the Drupal platforms around, when compared against our managed private cloud servers.

Managed servers versus cloud platforms

The first in a series of blog posts comparing more traditional dedicated server infrastructure to the more fashionable public-cloud platforms prevalent on the market at the moment.

There are so many options out there in the hosting market, and the pricing models and benefits can be so confusing, it's hard to decide who to go with.

#AberdeenCloud FAQ

Important facts about the ongoing #AberdeenCloud situation and how it might affect their customers and our own.


#AberdeenCloud - what happened?

A short tragedy on the demise of #AberdeenCloud.

  UPDATE 1: #AberdeenCloud have made the platform available for 36 hours, as of last night, 30th June 2016. You can, for a short time only, get files and backups again. Sounds like the platform will be available until some time around Saturday lunchtime, 2nd July 2016.

Denial of Service, what you need to know

Head of support and hosting, Greg Harvey, explains what a denial of service attack is and how you can protect yourself.

Not many people have been unfortunate enough to be at the sharp end of a serious denial of service (DoS) attack.

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 4

Having gone through infrastructure, virtualisation and operating system, we arrive at the software layer. What choices have Code Enigma made, and why?

We've already explained we're closely tied to Linux for many reasons, and Debian specifically. But what do we put on top of that? For the purposes of this post, I'll focus on PHP hosting.

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 3

This blog post is about why Code Enigma uses Debian as our Linux distribution of choice.

We talked in previous posts about our infrastructure and our virtualisation. This time it's the turn of our operating system.

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 2

Second in a series of posts about the Code Enigma hosting stack, covering every aspect of how we operate, from networks and servers up to deployment and testing.

In my last post I wrote about the base of our hosting stack, our infrastructure providers over at Rackspace UK. Now it's time to move up a level and look at what we put on that infrastructure, starting with our

PaaS and Support: The best of both worlds

Code Enigma senior developer, James Panton, caught up with Aaron Porter from #AberdeenCloud at Drupal Dev Days 2014 in Szeged, to talk about life, the cloud and everything

Original image by Tamás Szügyi

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part I - The Problems

Having run an Agile-Scrum project management method for almost 3 years, Steve Cowie reflects on the challenges of pure agile project management as an agency and the difficulties of engaging with clients for whom it simply is not a good fit

Last month I delivered a talk on this subject at a Drupal Camp and that’s available online and embedded at the bottom of this post, as are the slides from the talk.

Open Source v Proprietary CMS systems

Yesterday we came across a helpful infographic on choosing between Open Source and commercial content management systems. In the spirit of Open Source collaboration we thought we'd return the favour.

The team at Non-linear creations put together an infographic comparing open source to "commercial" solutions.

Teaching fishing

Most people will be familiar with the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. In the World of web development this equates to helping organisations to build their own web projects rather than doing it for them.

Looking back over the last year's work, we've noticed that we're increasingly working on projects where we're supporting internal teams.

Drupal 8 Might Be Useful

A write-up of the talk on Drupal 8 and the site building features in core, from DrupalCon Prague.

Might be useful? What kind of a title is that? Surely it *must* be useful??

Whatever Happened To Design And Build?

Greg Harvey muses on his shift in perspective as a web developer over the last decade

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first started developing websites full time as a career, for an advertising agency in London at the start of the ‘noughties’, it was all about getting a design, chopping it up into pages, coding them up, FTPing them somewhere and walking

Is your designer really web ready?

For some bizarre reason, while most design specialisms are respected, everyone thinks they can be a web designer. This makes it difficult for clients to sort the wheat from the chaff. Greg Harvey explains...

When I studied as an architect our tutors were clear. Architecture is a creative profession, but you’re not all going to be Zaha Hadid.