Form Redirection: A Special Case

Most of you are probably familiar with using the Form API (either via hook_form_alter or when building your own form) to set the destination a user is sent to after submitting a form.

CVS Saviour

If you want to contribute to the Drupal project, you need to know how to use CVS. It's a version control system, like Subversion, but older and clunkier. Still, Drupal have been using it for *years* so I can hardly blame them for not switching.

Meaningless mysqli Errors

I was installing a fresh copy of Drupal on Ubuntu this morning when I hit upon a problem. Half way through the installation script, Drupal kept throwing this at me: PHP Warning: mysqli_error() [function.mysqli-error]: invalid object or resource mysqli


My silence is down almost entirely to the sheer amount of work I'm doing at the moment. Which is a good thing about which I mustn't grumble!

404 foolishness

I finally bothered to get to the bottom of a behaviour I'd noticed some time ago but never investigated. When showing a 404 page, custom or otherwise, Drupal 5.x (and now Drupal 6.x too) does not render any blocks.


Just a quick one this morning. I thought I'd bring this post to people's attention:

User module menus revisited

Drupal 6: Effective solution to the problem of wanting custom menu items for the user account pages.

I wrote a little while ago about the problems surrounding modifying the user module's menu items, specifically in Drupal 5.x.

Advanced Profile

A well wrestled-with Drupal problem you are sure to come across at some stage is that of theming your user profiles. Profile support in the core is available, but it is not very well architected and your options to theme profiles are clumsy and fairly limited.

On Safari

At the recommendation of a developer working for a client of mine (thanks Colin!) I have finally downloaded the Beta of Apple's browser, Safari 3, for Windows. It's pretty good actually.


If you are a Drupal developer and you are yet to install the Panels module, stop reading and go and install it. Right now. Seriously.

Weight-related issues

I was aware of the 'system' table in the Drupal 5.x database. It provides all sorts of options for installed modules, but it is one of those things that is little-understood and often ignored.

Dealing with mailing lists

I have a use case that Drupal doesn't handle very well out of the box. It's funny, as you'd think it would be something everyone would want and, as such, there would be a stronger contribution in the core. The use case is this:

Watching the Watchdog

The Watchdog is an incredibly useful feature of Drupal. A catch-all (or as much of all as you might want it to) system logger, invaluable for de-bugging and all sorts of other smart things too, like access information, PHP warnings, last cron runs, etc.

Menu pain

One of the most painful experiences you are likely to have with Drupal 5.x, or earlier, is altering the menus served up by the core User module.

WhatTalent Alpha

I spent today working on setting up a basic version of the WhatTalent community website. It's early days, but I'm quite pleased with the day's work. My client, Olly, is too. In fact, he seems to be staying up all night populating his blog!