Track all the things with Google Analytics

Learn how to use custom dimensions and metrics with Google Analytics and Drupal to get in-depth reports of your users engagement.

Certainly, there's no need to introduce Google Analytics as an analytics tool for websites.

Breaking words

Migrating away from legacy content management systems can prove challenging, in this blog post we look at a technique for improving the friendliness of URLs!

I'm sure we're all aware that human-readable URL's are a good thing, not only for us but for search engines too. Take, for example, the following URL: /topsubjects/businessandintellectualproperty/businessandmanagementstudies/yourstudyprogram

What's the ideal process for my next digital project

The question on how we should tackle the creation of a new website doesn't have a single answer. There are too many conditions to take into account. Nevertheless, there is a general process we can suggest.

  Planning Project Fundamentals

Drupalcon Session: Looking for the value in Content Strategy

On Thursday 24th of September, our content strategist Koen Platteeuw shared his views on what value content strategy brings to web projects at Drupalcon Europe

Don't ask yourself: "Can I afford to include content strategy in my web project?" The real question is "Can I afford NOT to include content strategy in my web project?"

Creative tension

There's an inevitable tension between different roles involved in a project such as sales versus production. If you ignore it it can lead to communication breakdowns. If you embrace it it can improve the understanding and trust between you and your client.

When I started thinking about this blog I was torn between calling it ‘creative tension’ and ‘the fuzzy zone’, but a quick check of the urban dictionary tells me that fuzzy zone describes the phase in a relationship when you’re more than friends but not quite lovers; that’s way off the mark for t

Who drives Content Strategy?

After reading a blog post called "What Marketing Can Learn from IT About Content", Code Enigma's content strategist wants to add his 2 cents to the discussion on who drives content strategy.

A friend once told me that the problem with social & online media is that we read to respond rather than to understand or learn.

Editorial Workflows: Who's responsible for my web content?

What’s the best editorial workflow for generating quality content for my site? We'll help you pick the right model that works for you, taking into account corporate culture, size of the organisation, available resources, internal politics, and so many other factors.

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re on the right track! It means you take content governance seriously as an integral part of your content strategy. But setting up a content management procedure that works for you, is not that obvious.

What are web conversions?

When reading about making sites successful, one of the concepts that is always mentioned is conversion rate. But what does that stand for? What are conversions, and do they only apply to commercial websites?

Starting with the basics, what’s a conversion? 

Content Audits: Where to start?

Anyone who ever conducted a content audit knows they're time consuming and boring. And while there is no magical quick solution, in this article we will try to help identify how to conduct these in a methodical way.

The problem with content audits is twofold: volume & criteria

Is my site performing well?

In this post we explain basic Google Analytics metrics of website success. These will allow you to measure if your site is performing well in the light of the objectives of the site.

In this post, we will try to answer the simple question: how can I see if my site is doing well? We’re looking at this question from a usage perspective.

The Principles of Content Strategy

If your job description mentions digital content, you’re likely to have been hearing about Content Strategy for a couple of years now. If digital content is on your everyday task list, knowing the principles of content strategy will help you become more effective at your job.

If your job description mentions digital content, you’re likely to have been hearing about Content Strategy for a couple of years now.

Drupal Europe, wake up!

So, I’m not going to pretend this blog post was not written with the idea of provoking a bit of a discussion. It was. As a Content Strategy specialist working for a full service Drupal agency, I was more than disappointed to see the disconnect between the European Drupal Community and Content Strategy at DrupalCon 2014.

I’m just back from my first DrupalCon in Amsterdam. Two years working in the Drupal world, and after a couple of DrupalCamps, I finally made it to the big event. On the whole, a great experience. But to be honest, there was one thing that … (looking for the right words) … irritated me deeply.

Why Should you invest in Content Strategy?

Content is used in a number of fields within an organisation. Sales, Marketing, PR, Customer Service, Accounting, Legal... Each of these will use content to its own needs. An overall Content Strategy can help all these stakeholders to work along each other, rather than against each other. But there are plenty of other reasons to invest in it.

In the 4 years of Code Enigma’s existence, clients have traditionally turned to us for our technical expertise in designing, building, developing, hosting and maintaining Drupal websites. 

Webvisions Barcelona 2014

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week. Here's my take on the first day, dedicated to workshops.

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week.

A responsive site should not be your 2014 main goal!

Don't fool yourself, making your site responsive is not a content strategy

Over the last twelve months, we’ve routinely received client requests asking how much it would cost to make their existing Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site responsive. These projects mostly consist of optimizing an existing site for users accessing the content through tablet or smartphone.

Time to rebuild your site?

How do I recognise the signs my site is out of date? Renew or update, what’s the best option?

The full redesign of a large website is a long and hard process. The time, energy (and discussions) invested from concept to launch are substantial. Therefore, nobody embarks on such an endeavour without putting in the necessary thought.

Content: put Strategy before Marketing

Content is a buzz word, no doubt about it. But maybe read this before starting to market it!

According to a recent survey from the Content Marketing Institute, 54% of US B2B companies plan to increase their content marketing bu