Creative tension

There's an inevitable tension between different roles involved in a project such as sales versus production. If you ignore it it can lead to communication breakdowns. If you embrace it it can improve the understanding and trust between you and your client.

When I started thinking about this blog I was torn between calling it ‘creative tension’ and ‘the fuzzy zone’, but a quick check of the urban dictionary tells me that fuzzy zone describes the phase in a relationship when you’re more than friends but not quite lovers; that’s way off the mark for t

Rethinking the company website

We'd been thinking for ages that we needed to completely change our company website. The whole team felt we had a site that failed to represent either what we do or who we are. After some false starts when we tried to do this in-house we decided to get help from an external design agency and turned to Andy Clarke at Stuff And Nonsense. In addition to a radical design overhaul, we also wanted to rethink how to author content within a content management system so that we would actually want to create new articles rather than thinking of it as a chore. In this article we explain the process from various perspectives: design, content-strategy, back-end and front-end development.

When we decided to update our company website, we wanted a site that shows our customers what we can do. With the help of Andy Clarke and the team at Stuff and Nonsense, we truly believe we've managed it.

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part II - The Mitigations

As promised, here’s a follow up to my previous blog on problems we’ve encountered using Agile-scrum methods when working as a distributed agency delivering client projects. In this instalment I’ll take a look at some of the modifications we’ve made to standard Scrum, to address those problems.

Audit for Agile

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part I - The Problems

Having run an Agile-Scrum project management method for almost 3 years, Steve Cowie reflects on the challenges of pure agile project management as an agency and the difficulties of engaging with clients for whom it simply is not a good fit

Last month I delivered a talk on this subject at a Drupal Camp and that’s available online and embedded at the bottom of this post, as are the slides from the talk.

Open Source v Proprietary CMS systems

Yesterday we came across a helpful infographic on choosing between Open Source and commercial content management systems. In the spirit of Open Source collaboration we thought we'd return the favour.

The team at Non-linear creations put together an infographic comparing open source to "commercial" solutions.

Teaching fishing

Most people will be familiar with the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. In the World of web development this equates to helping organisations to build their own web projects rather than doing it for them.

Looking back over the last year's work, we've noticed that we're increasingly working on projects where we're supporting internal teams.

Welding a Morris Minor - how much does that cost?

Whether you're dealing with auto repairs or website construction, pricing is never easy. Whichever business you're in, the key to a successful outcome both for client and supplier is to be transparent and honest about what's possible for a given price.

In another lifetime, I didn’t build websites, since they didn’t actually exist. Instead I fixed cars and spent a lot of time welding them up to get through the MOT test (UK road safety test).

Keep your company young

Even though your company can't be a start-up for ever, you can hang on to the start-up energy by hiring and backing young staff.

I was talking with one of our senior developers a couple of days ago and reflecting on the amazing progress being made by our junior developers.

New team member

All the best Drupal companies have a talented Belgian in the team.

We’re delighted to announce that our new project manager - Koen Platteeuw - is joining us at the beginning of next month.

Goodbye and Good Luck, Steve Hunton

After working with Code Enigma for the last year, our project manager Steve Hunton is about to move on, so we want to celebrate what a great member of the team he has been and wish him the best of luck for the future.

Steve joined us at Code Enigma just over a year ago and took charge of our project management processes. He was already familiar with running large I.T. projects although he had no experience of Drupal.

Why choose Drupal

As head of the project to redevelop the Said School of business website in Drupal, David Upton gave the keynote speech at Oxford Drupal Camp in June, explaining why they chose Drupal.

David has an impressive trackrecord in this sphere, having set up the original content managed site for Harvard Business School almost ten years ago.

Drupal Training from the Experts

Code Enigma has teamed up with Panoetic and the NTI Centre in Leeds to run a two-day Drupal training event in May this year.

Code Enigma has teamed up with Panoetic and the NTI Centre in Leeds to run a two-day Drupal training event in May this year.

Node references and relationships

Using Views to manipulate connections between content.

This is the first of a set of blogs that could be called quick (and sometimes dirty) solutions to everyday problems.  The plan is to provide examples and code snippets from actual projects as they come up.  In this first one, I'll look at a couple of examples of how to use views to manipulate nod

More for your money

As technology advances, what you can get for your money takes great leaps forward.

I've just been tidying up the website for one of my previous employers and it got me thinking about how the price of stuff has changed in the last fifteen years.