SAML ADFS authentication in Drupal

Using Drupal as a Service Provider with an Active Directory Federation Services server as the Identity Provider, using SAML

We'll try to cover the needed step to authenticate (and create if need) Drupal 7 users against an external Active Directory Federation server, using SimpleSAMLphp and the simplesamlphp_auth mo

Processing heavy/lenghty php operations in batches

A "back to the basis" demo of processing operations in batches

Quite often, you'll need to perform operations on such a number of items that it is going to exceed the resources available. We are going to have a look at some ways around this and how to loop over smaller batches.

Prevent ctools custom "content type" plugin's title from being overriden

When creating a ctools "content type" plugin, default behaviour of the settings edit form is to present users with an option to override the title. While this is handy most of the time, some use cases requires that you prevent that from happening.

While you might be tempted to start messing around the setting form itself in your edit callback, you can simply define this in your plugin definition, as follows (in Drupal 7):

Panels module: You ought to love it

On why Panels module is one of the greatest tools around and why you should really consider using it.

Panels is the kind of module that people usually either love or hate. In case you didn't guess from the title, I'm part of the first group and it is one of my must-install modules[1].