Very Slick Site Maps

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Fri, 2009-07-10 10:02By greg

Short one today. This collection of links caused a mini stir in the #drupaluk IRC channel yesterday (thanks to longwave). Nothing dazzling, just a nice and easy approach to a really pretty site map for your Drupal website. Firstly, have you seen SlickMap CSS yet? If not, take a look-see here:

It's just good old CSS. Apply it over any nested "unordered list" style menu, up to three levels deep, and it will produce a beautiful, all-CSS, site map for you like this:

Isn't that sweet?

Now enter the Drupal Site map module:

It already outputs (you've guessed it) a nested "unordered list" style menu. How convenient! So this post in the Site map module's issue queue was only a matter of time:

SlickMap CSS site maps in Drupal in seconds. Nice!