A Step Closer: Views In Paris

Code Enigma recently funded a sprint to help get the Views module in to core for Drupal 8. This is the 'how' and the 'why'. One of our developers, Alasdair, will be following up with the 'what'.

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Wed, 2012-09-12 16:18By greg

Developers at the Views In Core sprint, hard at work.

Firstly, a huge thanks to all the Drupal people who came together in Paris at the end of August, after the heady days at DrupalCon Munich, to work on Views In Core. The roll of honour (and if you should be in this list, but you're not, let us know) is as follows - links go to Twitter accounts:


For those who don't know (see earlier post), we essentially funded this sprint by liaising with Earl Miles, the original creator of the Views module for Drupal, to provide accommodation and facilities for the participants to work and live in for the duration, as well as some assistance with travel to and from Paris for the event.

We did this for a number of reasons:

First and foremost, we are a Drupal company, so it goes without saying investing in Drupal is a smart thing for us to be doing. Drupal is a FOSS product, so if companies like ours don't step up every now and again it's difficult to maintain pace on some of the larger and more important aspects of development. The tendency is for people to scratch their own itches, which means loads of great contrib code gets written and improved upon over the years, but the framework itself is harder to get into and getting the right people the space to focus on it, together, for a decent amount of time is unlikely to happen without some kind of funding.

More than that, we're also giving our own developers an opportunity to get involved in core dev, something that is high on our agenda. We have no intention of being a business that stands on the sidelines of Drupal. We've been feeling out and trying ways to get more involved in both core and contrib over the last couple of years, and this is one of those ways.

Plus it provides valuable learning opportunities for everyone, by working with (and of course getting to know) smart, motivated people they might otherwise never have met.

We think everyone involved will agree it was a success. Certainly, Tim's stats make interesting reading! We're only sad Earl himself was unable to make it over to Europe this summer after all. We wish him well and hope to see him next time.

Watch this space for more on our work with Drupal and the community.