Pascal Morin appointed to the board

Code Enigma are delighted to announce the appointment of Pascal Morin, former senior developer and long-standing team member, to the Board of Directors.

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Fri, 2016-02-19 11:59By greg

Over the last few months the sitting board of Code Enigma (Steve Cowie and myself) have been doing a lot of thinking about the future of Code Enigma, and the process of moving past the startup stage to become a thriving company over the long-term. ‘Thriving’ would mean it is profitable, innovative in reaching new markets, structurally stable, and has a culture where staff are proud of where they work.

We believe we are on the right track, we have been innovative in developing new services and sectors (hosting and support is in strong growth and we continue to win development and consultancy work that breaks us out of the Drupal bubble) and we’d like to think that Code Enigma has a lot of pride and self-confidence about what we are able to achieve together (as successfully delivering large projects like STEM seem to demonstrate). The business has proven itself to be stable over the last 5 years of operation, both financially and in terms of the staff who work with us, and all this in spite of it being a difficult time to do business the world over. So we're confident we have the basis of a strong company. Building on those strengths and also planning for the future, we decided to formally invite Pascal Morin to join the management team.

Working as a senior developer, Pascal has been with Code Enigma from the start. He knows myself and Steve, and the company as a whole, as well as anybody and is well placed to slide into a role with more management responsibility. He also has a great balance between commitment and a critical perspective, which is really important to any business - the drive and determination to get things done, but not without looking up to see where you're going once in a while, not without questioning yourself and your colleagues. And finally, he also brings a great level of technical ability to the board of a company. Being a firm that is steeped in technology, having real technical expertise on the board is absolutely necessary.

So we're sure you'll agree, broadening the base of the management team by inviting Pascal to join will provide us with a better balance of knowledge and experience and an additional boost of energy to help us continue to drive the business forward. We believe Pascal will help the company to continue to innovate and go from strength to strength, and that having him as a director can only be a good thing for securing the future of Code Enigma.

Welcome aboard the board, Pascal!