Open Source Music Player - A Follow-Up on MP3s

Just a "heads up" about MP3 players

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Wed, 2008-06-11 17:09By greg

I actually have loads of exciting things to blog (well, what you may find exciting is a very subjective thing, but you know what I mean). In the last week I've been back full time on WhatTalent, the "beta" version of Mums+ is practically ready and I've released another module (more about that in my next entry).

But today I want to just give you a "heads up" about MP3 players. As you know from my last post, I actually tried to install the Audio module for Drupal on WhatTalent, but I found that the various audio options for Drupal are over-engineered, and therefore mostly don't work very well and require a lot of fiddling and fixing every time you work with them. =(

I ended up plugging for the Google MP3 player instead. Well something was bothering me about that approach. Google.

The Google player is closed source and it means loading a resource from Google on to my client's website and passing my client's content to Google - whom you can guarantee can (and will) do what they please with under their Ts&Cs. It would be preferable to use an open source, Flash-based, MP3 player so we can do things with it in the future, like adding e-commerce features, modding it to load local files, etc. And that would mean we are totally self-sufficient.

After a little digging around, I found this site:

Awesome! Five different player options (including one which is JavaScript and requires no plugins), fully open source, fully customisable, look and work great. Bye bye Google MP3 player. I've added the SWF file to my theme directory, templated in the player so my MP3 File Field CCK content uses it and Robert's your father's brother. Hassle-free MP3.

So if you're considering the Audio module in the future but actually have fairly basic, Myspace-esque, MP3 hosting requirements, stop and look around. Audio is a lot of trouble. CCK, FileField and a little bit of theming in the appropriate player was much easier, I assure you! =)