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Sun, 2009-05-03 23:55By greg

Ouch! Finally found a moment to make a new blog post and instead spent an hour weeding through the spam in my comments - and I'm still not finished!

Turned off commenting without moderation and also changed the CAPTCHA. Didn't think this blog would ever be popular enough to have spam problems. How wrong could I be??

Edit: It's out of control! In one 12 hour period, over 20 spam comments. Commenting OFF for now, since Node Comment module's moderation feature doesn't seem to work at all. I think I'll move back to the core Comment module, but migrating the Node Comment content will take a bit of time, so it won't happen this week. =(

Anyway, sorry for the radio silence folks. I've moved house, even moved country, business has been crazy (all Drupal,naturally) and I haven't had a second to look at anything else. Even CCK Gallery is neglected, because Image Field has a new version that breaks it's installer and I haven't been able to find time to apply the patch someone provided.

So, what's new and interesting?

Node Gallery is another node-based gallery solution, a little like CCK Gallery. In early stage of chat with the maintainer but I think we'll probably join forces. =)

There's been some discussions on Groups about a Drupal "wall", a la Facebook, which I've dropped out of. Folks there want to do a comment-based system, which I think is a mistake. There are some rather dogmatic characters around, so I'm not going to argue - I'm going to quietly go and do my own thing the first time a client requires it.

I'm hoping my wireless bridge turns up for my new office tomorrow and I can finalise my setup with my new CentOS 5.3 dev server! =) I have to try and get FFMPEG working on it because I have two great projects both needing the Flash Video module (which requires FFMPEG).

But right now it's very late and I need to go to bed. More soon. And sooner than last time, I promise!