Hurry, while stocks last

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Fri, 2008-02-22 23:55By greg

Tesco are selling an Acer Aspire 4315, online at Tesco Direct, for £269. That's a brand new laptop for £269. With a gigabyte of RAM, a DVD-RW, 80GB HDD, built in wi-fi, all the usual fluff, basically.

But, in case you didn't get it, it's only £269!!!

We just bought one. It came the next day. It's great. And you know what's even better?

On sale in New Zealand this laptop ships with Ubuntu 7.10 already on it. That means this machine is *guaranteed* Linux-proof, straight out of the box. Sadly the Tesco version ships with Windows Vista Home Basic (which is a bit like selling someone a car with no wheels) however just a little bit of faffing and you are up and running with a Linux laptop in no time: (option 2 works for me)

I've just finished configuring it. It took just over an hour. I think that's a new Linux record. =)