Helping Drupal Help Haiti

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Tue, 2010-01-19 15:45By greg

You may have noticed a degree of Haiti noise on the Internet today. Michael Caudy kicked things off and Robert Douglass quickly joined him on the campaign trail to get Drupal developers on board to create a Drupal website to help the aid workers hard at their tasks in the aftermath of the earthquake there.

I volunteered to be the project manager for the job, whatever it became, and so we are now in progress. We've been asking for help, but we're still working out ourselves how to direct people. This blog post is the first real effort to consolidate the best way Drupal folk out there can help.

URGENT: These guys need their Drupal website finishing. They are in Haiti. They are an orphanage. They are still standing. They are near an airport. They can produce 600 gallons of water a day with solar energy. But they can't tell anyone! Site is here:

They need volunteer help theming views and setting up video. Contact us to be put in touch if you can help.

Firstly, if you're in Haiti and you are a Drupal developer, please contact us urgently. You can use the contact form on this website. Several agencies are saying you could be useful for training users on the ground, so we'd really like to hear from you. We can forward your details to the right people.

Secondly, Eric at Development Seed reached out to Drupal developers on Saturday with this Groups post:

Please contact him and he will tell you if/where you can help.

Edit: See also efforts by Crisis Commons to get developers together to help build stuff. These are local, so if you can turn up to an event that would be a good way to be involved. They do all seem to be US-based though:

As for us, we're forging ahead. We don't want to double up effort, so for now we're hanging tight, working on a Managing News-based Drupal site for aggregating important information, and waiting to see if any holes emerge in the online effort we can help to fill.

Brainstorming seems to indicate there are definite gaps in the way information is hanging together out there right now, so we're confident there *will* be something to do. If you want to be involved, contact Rob or myself and we'll pull you in to the Unfuddle space for the project so you can begin to contribute.