Final Version of Views for 5.x Has Taxonomy Issues

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Sun, 2008-05-25 23:33By greg

The other day I decided to use the "Terms in XXXXX" taxonomy filter type in Views 5.x-1.6 and I noticed a little bit of a problem. In my list of taxonomy terms, the first/lightest term was missing so I couldn't select it. This was the same when the filter was exposed. Since I was using it on to allow people to select a community to view media from, it was a real problem! Sure, I could put the term back using hook_form_alter, but that was hardly a satisfactory solution.

So I had a quick Google, and being short of time, I posted a bug report. Turns out this is a known issue with this version (indeed, most versions) of Views for 5.x which now will not be fixed, as they are focussing (rightly) on Drupal 6.

If you come across this issue, which you almost certainly will if you use Views, then here is the fix: