Evolution And Auto-Complete

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Fri, 2009-05-08 11:40By greg

I didn't know how to get Evolution's auto-complete feature to behave, so I Googled around. The most useful HOWTO was here:

But it's down for now. Google still has a cache of the page, so I thought I'd take it while I still can. It's too useful to die!

Evolution mail client and auto complete addresses.

Evolution is a wonderful mail client based around Gnome, you can think of it as the Outlook alternative for Linux users, it can even connect to Microsoft Exchange server.

One thing I used to love and rely upon in Outlook was the auto completion of email addresses, by default I found that Evolution doesn’t have this switch on, yet there is an option within the preferences in Evolution for auto completion, so I switched it on, still didn’t work.

If you go to the Edit menu and select Preferences you will be presented with the below Window, looks to me like it should be working right?

Nope it didn’t work. What you have to do is go to Mail Preferences and select the Automatic Contacts tab, make sure there is a check next to Automatically create entries in the address book when responding to mail, as shown below

I really wouldn’t recommend you selecting an address book on your companies Exchange or LDAP server, could lead to some embarrassing moments maybe?:)

Now everything auto completes, it was a real pain trying to remember everyone’s email address.