Drupal Strikes Again

Not-for-profit venture Mums+ is now live

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Mon, 2008-08-25 21:01By greg

Finally the Beta of Mums+, the community site for parents, is live. I finished off the spit and polish today. Some way to spend a public holiday!

The Beta version is focussed around the Stoke Newington area of North London, but if it is a success the idea is to branch out using Drupal's multi-site capabilities, or perhaps db_rewrite, and create area-by-area sub-domains. Hope it works. Both myself and my friend Liz have put in a lot of effort thus far.

By the way, if anyone's wondering, this is a not-for-profit venture.

We're hoping it will take off and we can attract sponsors so it pays for itself. If each local sub-domain can attract a few hundred quid a year from local shops and businesses then we should be able to pay for the hosting, no matter how popular it gets. =)