Drupal Help Haiti: Day 4

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Sat, 2010-01-23 00:52By greg

Ups and downs again today. Some strong support from Europe again, but the US has yielded no strong continuation. Don't get me wrong, we have people in the US interested in helping, and we're extremely gratefful for that, but we don't seem to have a US project "driver", so it seems to drop to pieces.

I managed to make some good progress this morning with Feeds, Views and Panels. And numerous people added to that progress throughout the day, so we actually got a reasonable amount done.

However Andrew, our resident UK geo expert, pointed out we were in severe danger of replicating the Ushahidi effort. So we have a bit of a crisis of confidence. We think the tools we're building are potentially useful:

  • Case Tracker linked to incoming feed items
  • SMS push
  • Application for tagging untagged Twitter data

We also think we will need to start aggregating data from the Ushahidi feeds, which while untagged, are the main means of people sending SMS requests in to aid agencies.

But we need to know if anyone is already doing the above (case tracking based on feeds from data collection agencies and SMS push of these feeds to people on the ground without Internet access).

And we also need to hear from people who have a structured project and simply need resouce, because resource we have, especially in Europe!

Sadly, I have to duck out for the weekend, but we have Mori and Anthony able to work this weekend and I'm positive. I look forward to seeing what the team achieves over the weekend. =)