Drupal Help Haiti: Day 3

Update on the Helping Drupal Help Haiti campaign

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Thu, 2010-01-21 21:42By greg

Having finally sorted out our goals (use the Project EPIC Twitter syntax to get targetted information to people who can help, using Drupal as a tool for managing and organising that data), day 3 started with an ambitious set of tickets:

  • Identify and engage with an SMS gateway
  • Configure the Feeds module to create nodes
  • Create views for displaying aggregated tweet nodes
  • Collate list of Haiti resources
  • Install Backreference module
  • Extend functionality of the tweet views for an "add to case" link
  • Configure subscriptions and messaging
  • Add CCK Nodereference field to the Feed Item content type (tweets)
  • Install and configure Deploy module
  • Charity links to donation sites

And I only just realised, the kind of fundamental ticket, "Create feeds for our Twitter searches", was not there - doh! I just added it.

As you can see, today's efforts sort of petered out. Unfortunately I (having spent 2 days on this already) *really* needed to focus on some paid work for a day. I suspect others were in the same boat.

Nevertheless, things started well with fellow Drupaler blogger, Joachim, taking on two tickets in the early morning. Then Frans came up with the goods and got us a Clickatell test account for SMS pushing. Daniel was around all day keeping an eye on the server, installing things, backing up, etc. And Sudhir joined the team, creating some useful documentation for new developers on the project. Of course, Mike and Rob were present as always, with ideas, guidance and so on. (If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.)

Sounds like a lot of people, but when you're ducking in and out, 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, it's nearly impossible to tackle some of the bigger config tasks. So even though we finally had a solid plan, we really didn't have the resource - the real meat of the project didn't really get much love today. Ironic, since we even sorted our our Unfuddle issues, so could add a million developers to the project, if we could only find them (thanks again to Rob for Unfuddle use).

However, there is good news too! Mike managed to raise Alex and the Zivtech guys and they are back on board. As I type they are working away on the development site, trying to execute on the tickets in Unfuddle. This is a huge boost, and we're relieved to have them, and several other, US developers on board this evening and through the night. We might close some of those tickets before tomorrow yet!

Also James in Haiti has given us a cell phone number with Digicel, one of the local operators, so we can test pushing SMS as soon as the system is ready.

Things are falling in to place. They just can't happen quick enough! I'm personally disappointed we didn't manage to get a working Case Tracker up and running during the European working day, but it just didn't happen. No one's fault - just the way it is.

Tomorrow, surely! Maybe even tonight, if Zivtech and friends can work some magic state side. =)

OH: NEWS JUST IN. SMS is WORKING! Excellent stuff by Frans Kuipers! That just made my evening. =)

And while I'm typing, Steven (who has been helping with the US effort) is lining up to do something cool with Adobe AIR. He has some Flex experience and is keen to give it a go. More on that tomorrow, but it could be really useful.