Drupal Help Haiti: Day 2

Update 2 on the Helping Drupal Help Haiti campaign

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Wed, 2010-01-20 12:28By greg

So we've started the second day of this project. Our mission is starting to become clearer.

Yesterday, within 7 hours of the effort really getting under way, we had a server, a team, an installation of Development Seed's excellent Managing News, but no real clue about what might be useful. There was a lot of chat about mapping, but Robert pointed out the UN are already doing a stunning job of mapping the crisis and also need volunteers. So dividing the Drupal geo community amongst us would be damaging and stupid.

Then we found this:


A plan began to emerge. If you can take specific feeds from Twitter search and link the items (tweets) to the Case Tracker module, you'll create a real time help ticketing system that anyone can jump in and start using. You don't even have to be in Haiti! You can watch the queues and try and make connections between what's going on. And tweet people back if you start to join dots (e.g. you see "#haiti #need h20 #loc 33 Some Street, PaP" and you see "#haiti #offer h20, beds #loc 28 Some Nearby Street, PaP" you can take the feed items, add them to your ticket and put the two people in contact.

So this is becoming our immediate focus, it seems.

After that we'd like to start PUSHING the data we're pulling from Twitter out again via SMS. Looking for a gateway now. If you can help with that, let us know!

Back to it...