Drupal Awards

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Sun, 2008-08-10 00:13By greg

I watched with interest the small crop of awards Drupal has been nominated for so far this year. There's no question Drupal, as a piece of software, is taking off at an incredible rate. But the most interesting one for me was the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards 2008.

Drupal 6.x was been nominated for Best Business Application. It lost, to an ERP system called xTuple, but it was one of three products nominated - and the key here is the category. Best Business Application.

It's something I've been hammering on for a while, but that's why Drupal is *so* *cool*. Most developers and consumers think Drupal is a CMS. Nope! It's a content management framework, and a good one at that. One which gets better with every new release.

If you stand me in front of the CEO of any SME who has a business problem that can be and needs to be solved with some software - preferably, but not necessarily, something to do with data management - I will be able to explain how I will solve that problem, in a couple of weeks, with Drupal. And by data management I don't just mean libraries and editorial. I mean parcel tracking, HR management, CRM, whatever.

Drupal is *so* flexible I can do nearly anything with it. In fact, the challenge as a Drupal developer and a consultant, is to check yourself and say when you think Drupal isn't the quickest win. It's really that good. It's not always the best tool for the task in hand, but it can turn itself to almost anything. It's like binary crack. I just can't put it down.

And the guys at LinuxWorld clearly "get it".

Next up, the Sourceforge Best Project award. Wish Drupal luck! =)