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Sat, 2008-03-15 22:31By greg

My silence is down almost entirely to the sheer amount of work I'm doing at the moment. Which is a good thing about which I mustn't grumble! WhatTalent is going great guns and I enjoyed teaching Drupal module selection for social networks to some folks from Sift and the United Kingdom NHS earlier in the week.

I'm also working with a few people on a website called It's a collaborative project to encourage better business practices. Watch this space.

In the process of developing eGuild I've been getting cosey with the Voting API and Fivestar (one of the fancy rating widgets available for Drupal). Getting multiple ratings working on comments has been a challenge, but it also gave me an opportunity to put something back. The community has been crying out for a HOWTO on this very subject.

I proudly present my humble effort: