Contrib Hour Report

The roundup of what the Code Enigma team did in their weekly hour of maintaining their contributed Drupal modules.

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Tue, 2011-12-13 13:37By greg

That time again! Apologies for the dry title, but since this is a weekly event, doesn't seem much point in trying to dream up a snappy headline week in, week out. I guess I'll never be a columnist!

So, without further ado, here's what the team did today:


Actually dropped Filefield Authcode this week because Pascal was not able to get involved, and instead began to look at a Drupal 7, Views 3 port of NITF Views.

Me (Greg)

I continued re-working the i18n Auto Translate module. I now have what I feel is a sensible architecture and roadmap for the Drupal 7 port, which involves moving the framework so it uses the core Drupal Actions API functions and asking individual translation service modules to hook in to this by providing an action "callback" for the core module. The translation service modules will also become the home of Rules implementations, as this makes more sense, and I intend to present an example of this using the Bing API.


Fixed numerous LinkedIn module issues again, including a hook_requirements check which should head off a lot of support requests. He also answered some LinkedIn support requests.


Continued with his work on the Noderefence Variables module's Drupal 7 port, beginning with using Quicktabs for the tabbing mechanism instead of the old (and mostly abandoned) Tabs module.

Steve Cowie

Continued to patrol the LoginToboggan issue queue and did some much-needed testing of a possible reported security issue. Turned out to be bad configuration rather than a bug, but he's looking at making the administration page prevent such insecure settings from being set in future.

Steve Parks

Finished his patch for the Node To Word module ready for a 6.x-1.1 release. The patch is awaiting review here:

Following an adventure in rolling this patch, Steve also updated the Drupal contrib maintainers documentation to make it easier for others in the future:


Continued working on his Pay Wall module. In fact, he requested a bit more than an hour on this today so he could strive for a release. He's still working, he might get a dev snapshot out today. We'll see...

That's all for this week - once again, more next Tuesday!

I think we'll start using the #contribhour hashtag in Twitter too, so if more people want to join in, that would be great!