Contrib Hour Report

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Wed, 2011-12-21 16:37By greg

Contrib Hour time again! (Well, actually it was yesterday, but we have a bit of a mad rush up to Christmas, so I'll keep it brief.)


He's actually on Labs time this week. Labs is where we give people time off to work on any open source project of their choice (and no, it doesn't have to be anything to do with Drupal or even computing). Alasdair chose to deepen his understanding of Drupal and Views by working on a Drupal 7 / Views 3 port of NITF Views all week, which is nice. So he's on with that, not really contrib hour, but some of it was!

Me (Greg)

I managed to roll a release for Drupal 6 of the Secure Permissions module to include Drush support. I also did some more work on the Drupal 7 port of i18n Auto Translate, but I didn't get so far.


Continued with his work on the Noderefence Variables module's Drupal 7 port.

Steve Cowie

Worked on several LoginToboggan issues and started to think about a roadmap for the module, starting with proper tests.

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