Contrib Hour - Making Sure We Give Something Back

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Tue, 2011-12-06 14:51By greg

We pride ourselves here at Code Enigma in doing lots of work for the community. We spend time in issue queues, provide and review patches, look after modules, attend events and speak, give our staff time off to work on open source projects (we call it "labs", they get 4 weeks a year on top of holiday) etc. etc. Even so, we've just gone even further:

Today was the first day of our new Contrib Hour initiative. Every Tuesday morning all the staff at Code Enigma sit down and spend (at least) an hour working on one of the modules Code Enigma is responsible for maintaining.

We're doing this because we don't want to be one of those companies that builds a module for a client, pushes it out on to and then forgets about it. If we release modules, it's because we believe the community will benefit from the code, as will our customers. And if we believe that, then we must also believe the survival and continued evolution of that module is our responsibility, unless we find someone else who wants to take it on.

So with that in mind we started the Contrib Hour. And I'm proud to tell you about what happened here this morning. In alphabetical order:


Has taken on the Filefield Authcode module and started to consider the best way to port it to Drupal 7. There are several ways to skin this cat, so he's researching ahead of a conversation with Pascal, who originally made it for Economist Conferences.

Me (Greg)

I committed a few patches to the Nagios module and rolled two releases, one for Drupal 6 and one for Drupal 7, addressing a number of minor issues. I also started re-working the long-neglected i18n Auto Translate module, which I will focus more on next week. Again, the Drupal 7 port requires thought to make it in to an API for "pluggable" translation modules, which is the end goal.


Fixed numerous LinkedIn module issues, some typos and grammar, OAuth library path problems and a fix for resetting the user data of a user, as well as answering some LinkedIn support requests.


Wrestled with an ongoing LoginToboggan security issue, he'll finish the patch later this week. He also started to look at the Noderefence Variables module, which needs a Drupal 7 port.

Steve Cowie

Got his environment all set up for working on LoginToboggan and patrolled the issue queues, making a todo list for weeks to come.

Steve Parks

Cleaned up the issue queue for the Node To Word module and began working on a patch to make sure there is a smooth upgrade path from the current 6.x-1.0 to the future 6.x-1.1. Once 6.x-1.1 is released he intends to work on a Drupal 7 version.


Took the opportunity to begin working again on his Pay Wall module. Originally written for, he started today by tidying up and removing any Economist-specific code to make the skeleton module more generic. He continues to work toward a working development snapshot.

That's all for this week - more next Tuesday!


Let us know if your company is doing a Contrib Hour. Perhaps we could set up an IRC channel and hang out or something?